Two Truths and a Lie … Recent Dating Misadventures

I have been dating a lot lately.  It’s just what I do.  I’m trying to meet the right man for me, and, to do that I need to try several on for size.  How do you know what you really want unless you try.  I have mentioned before that I like the infamous alpha males.  I thought I would try something different, perhaps a different type of guy, perhaps, I thought, I was missing out on a great thing because of my insistence on one type.  Here’s what happened … kind of reminded me of that game “two truths and a lie” … so here it is!

The Truth – Mr. Incompatible Lifestyles

So I met Mr. Incompatible Lifestyles online.  He was very attractive, intelligent and easy to talk to.  We chatted online for a bit, then on the telephone to get to know each other.  He was recently divorced and had two young children.  He seemed to have his life in order, personally and financially, and things weren’t messy with his ex-wife.  He was in great shape and very receptive to new ideas just like me.  The problem is he lived in a rural out of town place, like I mean RURAL … drive far away, no one for miles rural.  That was a bit of a problem for me, I’m a city girl, I like the noise of the cars and people.  I can’t do quiet, I just can’t.  Another thing was that he had kids, I’m still on the fence about being with a guy who has children.  I still don’t know if the evil stepmother role is one I want to play, maybe not evil, well maybe.  He convinced me to go out for lunch, so I agreed, well, he didn’t really have to pull my leg, I wanted to meet him to see if there was any chemistry.  We met, we ate, we talked, we left.  So was there any chemistry? Nope … nada … nothing.  I just didn’t feel it.  He was very attractive, he was a nice guy and had his shit together, but no, just wasn’t going to happen.  I was kind of stuck on the rural thing and the kids thing, so I was honest about my concerns and we kept talking but the conversations just fizzled and then stopped. Next!!

The Truth – Mr. I Adore You

Bachelor number two was just an ego boost.  I admit I like getting compliments from men.  I won’t lie.  I’m a Leo with a big ego.  I was an ugly duckling growing up, or at least that’s how I saw myself, and I’ve worked hard to look and feel good.  I like when someone appreciates it.  This guy totally adored me.  He would always compliment me and tell me how gorgeous I was, how I looked much younger than my age, how I was so smart and sexy and a treasure just waiting to be uncovered. He took me where I wanted to go and did whatever I wanted to do, always.  It was ALL ABOUT ME!! Wow.  Well, I liked it, for a while.  Then it got old and boring. Yes, I got tired of it, you know me, I need a bit of a challenge.  The worst is hearing “why are you still single … you’re smart, sexy and gorgeous”? That was the straw the broke the camel’s back … I HATE that question, besides I was kind of getting sick of him.  We went out a few times, but seriously, he had nothing to offer in terms of manliness.  He was a good guy but I think he just needed some confidence of his own … he was using me to lift himself up.  No thanks.  That was my ex-husband … no confidence so I had to be the balls for the both of us.  Run Suzie Run!! I told him the truth, that I appreciated his adoration, but he reminded me of my ex-husband. He, on the other hand, thought we were PERFECT for each other. Um NO!  Balance people, balance!! Next!!

The Lie – Mr. Good On Paper

What to say about Mr. Good On Paper? Well, lots.  We met online and because he was of my ethnic background I was intrigued.  As my readers know, I have a preference for men of my ethnic background (Arab) because I just do, can’t explain it, just feel more at home with them.  So we chatted a lot, we got to know each other.  He seemed to have a great head on his shoulders, had a successful business, several homes, owned land he was going to build on, a nice car, came from a nice family, money in his pocket and wasn’t cocky at all.  We also had a lot in common and talking to him was interesting.  I felt like perhaps this was something so I agreed to go on a date with him.  I let him choose where, he wanted to take me to a nice dinner.  Where did he take me? Perkins! What? OK, I wasn’t going to be a snob, so I met him there.  When I saw him I knew instantly that this wasn’t going to work.  There was ZERO chemistry, ZERO, Nada, Nothing!! I wasn’t attracted to him at all … I didn’t even feel like I wanted to hug him let alone anything else (and I’m a big hugger).  It wasn’t that he was ugly, but he just didn’t have “IT”.  I went in anyway, he further proved he wasn’t the guy for me.  He had no personality, I had to ask for a table, I had to order for both of us, I had to take the lead on everything.  He wasn’t nervous, he just seemed like someone in need of an electric shock therapy.  He was floating in la la land.  He said he thought maybe I was too busy for a relationship.  I said no, I was actively looking for the right person.  So we left and it was done.  He called me right away to tell me how much he liked me and wanted to take me out again, I said I didn’t think it would be a good idea, so no.  He kept asking, and not taking no for an answer.  He kept calling and I either wouldn’t answer and when I did I would say no.  So then, I thought, perhaps the truth wasn’t going to work, so I lied.  I told him that he was right when he said I was too busy for a relationship and it wasn’t fair to him for me to go out with him again.  He agreed and that was that.  Whatever works … so there you go.  Next!!

These are just three of the many stories I have … I couldn’t share ALL of them 🙂 Stay tuned for more to come!! There’s a story of an older man, a very fun pot head and one who never asks me on weekend dates (been 4 dates) even when I propose it … why? It’s a mystery! Still dating … still waiting … still looking.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Oh girl, do I feel you!! Every date is a new adventure huh? My last few have been ok though so I’m not really complaining at the moment…
    This was perfect: “He was a good guy but I think he just needed some confidence of his own … he was using me to lift himself up. No thanks. That was my ex-husband … no confidence so I had to be the balls for the both of us. Run Suzie Run!!’
    I have a guy with a similar situation. It’s nice to be adored but you don’t want to feel like you are a trophy or a prize for someone, there has to be a balance that you are giving as much as you get I think.


  2. Love your two truths and a lie! So funny how the last guy who needed electric shock therapy wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. The lie was definitely the way to go!

    You’re doing all the right things. You won’t find the right man if you sit on the couch waiting for him to walk in your front door! Keep dating and keep us posted! 🙂


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