Office Romance

So there’s a really hot guy or girl at your office. You always make eyes at each other, flirt a little, joke a little, you have a little crush on them and you think about them even when you’re outside the office. The question is do you pursue it or not. Is it a good idea to pursue someone you work with? What are some of the considerations you should make before embarking on an office romance?

Office Romance – Some Statistics

According to a career building web site, office romance happens more often than you think. So what are the numbers, well, apparently almost 40% of people have admitted to dating someone they worked with at least one time over the course of their career, 17% at least twice. Over 30% said that their office romance ended up in a marriage. Most people tend to date someone at a higher level than them in the organization, particularly women.

It is thought that common interests and extended work hours are the main causes of office romance. It is thought that common interests and extended work hours are the main causes of office romance. Some people tend to spend more time at work than at home and this leads to falling for someone you work with, sometimes, also affairs. People who work long hours don’t have the time to meet people outside, so it’s an easy transition for them from co-worker to relationship. Offices and after work events are ripe for Booty Calls and extra-marital affairs which complicate things even more.

Office Romance – Considerations

So office romance happens, but is it a good idea? Let’s look at some of the considerations. Essentially, you need to decide whether or not it is worth the risks associated with it. Some important questions to ask yourself:

  • What are these risks?
  • Would it put a strain on the relationship to see this person every day, all day and then after work?
  • Do you need a break from them?
  • If you break up will it cause an awkward situation between you at work?
  • Is there a no dating policy where you work?
  • Is it a supervisor/subordinate romance?
  • Will it get in the way of the work you do or your judgment?
  • Is there risk of it being misconstrued as sexual harassment?
  • Is it a professional conflict of interest?

Personally, I typically try and keep my work and romance separate. I have, in the past, waded in the office romance waters and ended up sorry I did. Unless it works out it doesn’t. What this means is that you have a constant reminder of the relationship and breakup in your face day in and day out. Is that really worth it? You need to decide for yourself. If you decide you want to pursue the office romance, then you should set boundaries and ground rules for yourself and the other person. You will be happy you did!

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