Secrets Revealed: Why Men Don’t Contact You

Yes, ladies. Men don’t call. You wait by the phone for hours, even days, waiting for them to call or text you back, but you get nothing. Until they feel the need to contact you when it suits them. They make some excuse about being busy or sick or whatever, you are so happy they contacted you that you buy it and move on, until the next time the same thing happens. I’m here to make your life so much happier, and easier, with something that was a great revelation to me when I chose to accept it. This, my friends, is secrets revealed: why men don’t contact you. OK maybe it’s not that big of a secret … But read on!

Why Men Don’t Contact You

I have learned this lesson the hard way. When things looked, and felt promising, I had no reason to believe he wouldn’t call or text, but then he didn’t, or took his sweet old time stringing me along. This happened with several men, as those of you who follow my blog can attest to. I used to give men the benefit of the doubt, you know, saying “oh he’s probably too busy to call” or “maybe his phone isn’t working” but I quickly learned that’s not the case. Truth is, most men are not brave, or honest, enough to tell you they’re not interested in pursuing anything with you or that they have “other interests”. Perhaps, as well, you were the fun they wanted for a short period of time and they are finished with you and have moved on to the next target. You know which ones I’m talking about, they chase you like you’re a hot commodity and then when they actually get to go out with you they don’t call anymore. It could be something you said or did, but more often than not they just lost interest (you know, like kids with a new toy?).

Why Men DO Contact You

Men contact you because they want to. It’s simple really. When a man is interested in you he won’t leave you alone. It could be for very honorable reasons, or because he can’t resist your, um, charms. Either way, he will contact you. They call you, you don’t even have to contact them, they are crazy about you and want you all for themselves. They don’t want to give the chance to any other man to have you. Even less than assertive males will behave this way. Even if they lost your number there are countless other ways to find you online. It’s not very hard. If they want to, they will. Hard to get or not, if someone wants you they want you, regardless of how you play it.

Women Are The Same

The same goes for women. Think of yourself ladies, when you like a guy and want to pursue something with them you can’t get enough. You call him, text him, find any way to get close to them. What about the guy you’re “meh” about or not interested in at all, or the one you’ve already told that you don’t want to be with? If you’re like me, you avoid them at all costs. You either don’t respond to them at all or wait a while to respond with short, unengaging answers. Even when I’ve been clear about my intentions, some men don’t give up, ladies, are you the same? Think about it! How about the guy you felt bad to say no to when he asked for your number or for a coffee date? You didn’t want to say no, but you really aren’t interested, so you avoid their messages. Women do the same things men do, we just don’t always realize it.

Lesson of the Day?

Don’t blame yourself if someone didn’t contact you. More often than not it’s not your fault. It says more about them than about you. You are who you are and if someone doesn’t like you for what you have to offer, then someone else will appreciate it. Cliche? No, reality. So don’t wait around for that call that’s never going to come. If they haven’t contacted you back or take a long time to respond then they not only aren’t interested, they don’t respect you enough to respond and you don’t need someone who doesn’t respect you. Don’t be needy and annoying contacting them several times. Take the high road and move forward.

REMEMBER: If Someone Wants To Be With You They Will Be & If He/She Wants to Contact You They Will (Taken from my Single Dating Diva-isms)

Plain. Simple.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I was going to say, “Substitute every instance of the word ‘men’ with ‘women’ and you have a statement that is equally true” … but then you did it anyway. (Although women, in my experience, are more likely to express their ‘meh’-ness by taking the call and agreeing to meet up again, then cancelling at the last minute or just not showing up.) Yep, some people lack guts.


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