How To Find Love at the Grocery Store

find-love-grocery-storeI’m a big advocate of finding love doing the things you normally do. One of these things is grocery shopping. We all have to do it, it’s a necessity that we can’t really avoid. Recently, I’ve teamed up with Whole Foods Market to facilitate “Singles Nights”. What’s that? Well, it’s a block of time where the store is dedicated to singles. It creates an easy, open and no pressure way to meet other singles. Although most people were unsure about it at first, most people left feeling positive with the experience … AND there have been matches!! You get what you put in, so those who actually approached other singles did far better than those who just stuck to grocery shopping (obviously). What many also said that it helped them be more comfortable approaching someone because they knew the other person was there for the same reason as them. It really is a great way to meet someone. You CAN find love at the grocery store!! You just have to be savvy about it!! How? Well keep reading for some pro tips tips from yours truly!

How To Find Love at the Grocery Store

Finding love at the grocery store has as much to do with timing as it does approach. You’ll usually find singles at the grocery store later in the day or during “happy hour” times. This is because they are busy at work or other activities that groceries isn’t their priority. It’s also a time when they won’t have the crazy screaming kids running around. It’s hassle free and more inviting. But, like with everything, there are some best practices. Here are my top 10 pro tips on how to find love at the grocery store:

  1. Have a cart / basket with one or two things in it … you don’t want to look like a creep coming off the streets coming to pick up
  2. Linger in the produce section … people tend to spend more time there because of picking the right fruit or vegetables and you can use that as an opener, for example say “I never know how to pick the best [insert fruit / vegetable] have some tips?”
  3. Be friendly, keep eye contact and have open body language with lots of smiles … no one wants to talk to someone who doesn’t look approachable
  4. Don’t approach anyone in the personal products aisles … some things should remain personal and they might be embarrassed (so no don’t ask advice about the best thing to take for indigestion!)
  5. Be helpful … if someone needs help reaching something or you need help then that’s a great ice breaker!
  6. Hang out at the sampling stations … everyone loves free samples and congregate around there PLUS people usually have to stop a moment to eat it AND you can open the conversation but talking about the sample
  7. Look for the ring … although many might not wear one, most usually do, so due diligence here is important
  8. Avoid TMI … this isn’t the place to discuss your life story, it’s the place for casual fun conversation, no one wants to hear about your crappy week or your loser ex
  9. Chat at the checkout line … you’re both waiting and you’re bored so why not?
  10. Close the deal … if you met someone you like then exchange contact information AND FOLLOW UP with a “great to meet you, let’s grab a coffee sometime” or whatever you like

So there you have it, how to find love at the grocery store. It’s not so bad, especially if you seize the opportunities presented to you!! I challenge you to go out there and try it and let me know how it goes!!

READERS: Have you ever found love at the grocery store or know someone who has? What do you think of this idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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