How to Meet Others From Your Phone: Guest Post

Meet-Others-From-Your-PhoneIt can be so hard to meet new people in adult life. Between networking, work and friends, it feels like one person after another comes into our lives, only to leave right after. Where are the connections that really stick? Is it even possible to find solid friendships, or more, in the real world?

Sometimes it can feel like the world is moving too fast to slow down and form a solid relationship. Some people thread that line with ease, quickly and effortlessly meeting new people, forming new bonds and juggling their hobbies and jobs with their friendships. You’ve probably looked at these people and wondered, “What’s their secret?” There must be a secret to it, after all.

You might be surprised to learn that the secret has been in your pocket all along – all in your phone.

How to Meet Others From Your Phone

Thanks to the rise of networking and dating apps, the taboo of meeting someone online has all but disappeared. After all, with the location services and instant access mobile networking brings, it’s easy to find people in your area who share your interests, hobbies and passions. With one simple app, you can search the entire area around you to find not just friends, but the RIGHT friends… or even a little something more.

It’s really easy to make connections on the go. Most apps use your specific location, based either on GPS data or a zip code that you enter manually. That means it’s easy to make connections in your direct area. That’s such a great feature for people like me, who are always on the lookout for new meet ups.

Some apps pair you up with local businesses, giving you an easy way to meet people who love the same things. Others have group message boards, matching services, or even sponsored deals, where social networking pros will work to match you up with friends at fun events. Take Friendable for example. This app uses the businesses and events around you to take the awkward edge out of sending that first message.

The huge amount of content on these apps means there’s something for everyone. If you like museums, you can meet up with other friends at a local opening. If you like concerts, you can start a hangout at a show or a festival. All of the great hangout spots around you can become places to meet new people and start new friendships. Sounds pretty simple right? For once it actually is.

But you can find much more than friendship on your phone. That first meet up could be the start a great relationship. You want to know that you can really get along with anyone you start dating, and social apps like these are a great way to make that judgment. When you know that you have the same interests, the same loves and the same passions, you WILL find common ground that you can build a satisfying and solid relationship on. If you’re going after that “slow and steady” relationship build, the kind recommended in [The Secret to Dating Successfully], sharing common interests is the BEST way to set a foundation for the future.

It’s hard to find new friends and relationships in any city. If you’re tired of the aimless networking scene, consider trying an online alternative. Slow and steady relationships based on personal interests are the best in the end, and that’s exactly what this new brand of social apps is all about.

This post was brought to you by Friendable, where everything starts with friendship! You can find them online, in your app store and on Twitter and Facebook.

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