Single Isn’t A Bad Word

be-happily-singleSingle really isn’t a bad word. I swear. Believe me. I know it SEEMS like a bad word but really it isn’t. Why not? Well, I’ll tell you!!

Single is a bad word to many. Why? Because of expectations. You’re expected to be with someone. People see “alone” as a bad thing. Being part of a couple is “normal”, being single isn’t. I say that’s certainly unfair. We see others who are coupled and it gives us a twinge in our stomach. It’s not that we don’t want others happy, but we want to be happy with someone too. That’s how we were raised. You grow up, go to school, get married, have children, grow old behind your white picket fence. What happens when that’s not the reality for most people these days? Single becomes a bad word.

Single is NOT a Bad Word

I’m here to tell you that Single is NOT a Bad Word!! It’s true … trust me. I know it’s hard to be single. TRUST ME I KNOW!! But, it’s OK to be single … this is YOUR time to BE YOU. We have passed through probably the most difficult time of year for singles and we SURVIVED!!! How did we survive? Most in our own ways. As I scanned through Twitter on New Year’s Eve, I noticed what everyone was doing. Most single people were spending time with friends and family, enjoying their evening, some were at home, depressed and alone, while others were doing “me time” activities, things that make them happy. However you got through it, you did, now here you are. What is it you’re going to do with this new opportunity? Paulo Coelho started out his New Year’s message by saying “no one can go back, but everyone can go forward”. That stuck with me.

Going Forward

Going forward, I am not going to look back on the negative but use them as leverage to go forward to a better, and happier, place. Single is NOT a bad word. It is an empowering word. It’s a word that means you CHOOSE to be with the RIGHT person, not just anyone. We all know that each and every one of us can be with someone if we didn’t have our standards. Make single your choice, think of it that way and believe me it will be easier. Look forward to a happy life as a single person. Live your life, carry on with your activities and you’ll see, your +1 will come to you when they are supposed to.

Wishing all of you lots of luck in your search for love in 2013 but I also wish you lots of peace in your singleness. May you be happy regardless of your relationship status!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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