Destination Dating

So we all know that dating can be redundant and boring.  What if, just what if you were to take a date and have it somewhere completely different?  I know you can’t do that for a first date, but, what if it’s a long distance liaison or something else?  How fun would it be to take a road trip or meet up somewhere exciting like New York, Miami or Las Vegas for example?  Keeping the spark alive can be easy if you make a little bit of an effort to mix things up.  Those in long distance relationships really find destination dating to not only be fun, but also a great way to connect with your partner.  It’s also great for couples looking for something different or who want to rekindle the romance.

How Destination Dating Helps Your Relationship

destination datingA couples getaway is a great way to re-connect away from your daily routine.  It helps you learn more about each other in a different environment than you’re used to.  There’s no better way to find out about someone than to spend every waking moment with them.  So travelling is a healthy way to discover each other.  It’s also a way to test the relationship and make sure it has the strength it needs to move forward.  So how can it benefit your relationship? Here are some ways:

  • Negotiating: You will no doubt have to negotiate what to do, where to eat, who to interact with, problem solve etc and this will help you know if your methods, likes and dislikes are compatible.
  • Compromising: You won’t always agree on everything, but is there a balance of give and take or does one of you always have to get their way?
  • Disagreeing: What happens when you disagree to the point of fighting?  There is no doubt being in each other’s face 24/7 will lead to some minor (or major) annoyances.

Destination Dating Ideas

So where to go? What to do? It really depends on you and your partner.  Think about what you both enjoy doing and what kind of experience you’re looking for.  Do you want something relaxing like a beach vacation?  Do you want something adventurous like a safari? Do you want something exciting like Las Vegas? Here are a couple ideas to help you decide:

  • Las Vegas: There is so much to see and do in Vegas.  Any type of experience you are looking for can be found there.  It’s not only for gamblers, dinner and a show? A little romance? A gondola ride? World Class Spas? There’s so much to do … click on this link for some amazing ideas … did I mention diamonds?  And of course we all know “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” 😉
  • Caribbean: What can be more relaxing than lying on the beach listening to the ocean waves?  Eating all that tropical fruit and local food?  A Caribbean couples vacation definitely is a great way to rekindle those romantic flames.  When you’re more relaxed you definitely will feel more … romantically inclined.
  • Bed and Breakfast: If you’re looking for something close to home then take a drive out to a bed and breakfast.  It will give you the time away you need without breaking the bank.  Schedule it around local events or activities that are popular if you want something to do other than stay in bed (IF you want something else to do ;))

Those are just some ideas, but whatever you decide make it as positive an experience as you can by connecting with your partner and learning more about them.  Time away for couples is very important, even if you’re married with children.  The strength of your relationship depends on it …

What sort of Destination Dating have you done? What are your favorite spots? Would love to hear about it in the comments!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. When I was dating in the UK, we did a lovely escape out of London to Bath and Bristol. It was a great great treat and did wonders for our growing relationship. I will fully support the Caribbean getaway as well. Those are the best, and this is not my bias here. lol.


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