Vodka… I Mean Laughter is the Best Medicine

Life is full of challenges but it’s also full of so much beauty.  Each day we are faced with experiences that can either make or ruin our day.  We all know that, right?

Here’s an idea … what if we were to see everything that comes our way in a positive light? No, I haven’t had one too many glasses of wine or shots of vodka. 

laughter is the best medicineRead more in my post about why it’s important to laugh at ourselves, especially when we’re single and dating, on the fabulous Ms. Cheevious’s site! While you’re there make sure to take peek around … you’ll be glad you did!!

Click right here to read more: Vodka… I mean Laughter is the Best Medicine

And for goodness sake laugh already … trust me it will make you feel a whole lot better!!


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