7 Reasons Not To Date Before You’re Ready: Guest Post

Dating again after the end of a relationship is a scary step, but how do you know you’re ready?  In today’s guest post, the author from eHarmony Canada discusses why you shouldn’t date until you’re ready.  Enjoy!

You Won’t Enjoy Yourself

Dating is all about excitement and fun – things you won’t be able to experience if you just don’t feel ready. The thrill of meeting new people, going to new places and having hopes for the future – none of them will quite feel real to you unless you’re truly ready to get back on the scene.

You Might Not Be Over Your Ex

Many people don’t feel ready for dating again because they still have feelings for their ex. If this is the case, you definitely shouldn’t start looking for someone new as you won’t have room for new feelings to appear. It’s better to have a clean break before starting to date again.

The Other Person May Get Hurt

If you’re not ready to date again and you go ahead anyway, you’re running the risk of hurting the people you choose to date. You could well meet someone who wants to get serious. If you’re not prepared for that, they’ll be hurt and confused.

There Might Still Be A Chance To Get Back With Your Ex

Your last relationship might not be as finished as you think it is. If it hasn’t been long since you broke up with your ex, there could still be a chance of reconciliation. This could leave any new partners in the lurch should you decide to take this option.

dating before you're readyDating Won’t Fulfil You

Dating someone will only help you to feel fulfilled if you’re sure it’s what you want. The things that we rely on relationships to give us won’t mean anything if you feel unsure. There are plenty of things on offer which will help you feel happy about yourself, such as work, family and friends. There’s no need to date just because you feel something is missing.

You’ll Miss Out On Other Opportunities

What if you had the chance to travel the world or take an exciting new job in a different city? If you’d like the chance to do these things, getting back on the dating scene might not be the best idea. Being single has plenty of perks to it – don’t miss out if you’re not sure about dating.

You’re Not Being Honest

Don’t try and make yourself do anything that you don’t want to do. Dating is something which takes a lot of time and energy and both of those things can easily be spent elsewhere. When you’re newly single it might feel strange to be on your own, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How do you know you’re ready (or not ready) to start dating again? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

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Author Bio

As someone who has done plenty of soul-searching, I know what the risks are in letting someone else into your life before you’re ready. Relationships are hard work, whether you’ve been married for twenty years or you’re just starting to date through eHarmony.ca. Once you’re feeling more comfortable with being alone, you’ll be in a much better position to meet someone special.  

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  1. How do you know when you’re ready to date again? When you stop wasting any emotional energy thinking about your ex and you realize you’d like to meet someone who will add a dimension to your life and it’s not to fill a lonely gap…..never compare we’re all unique so you have to know you’ll never find another like him….happy hunting x


    • After a bitter divorce, my counselor told me to wait for two years before I dated again. I waited for three and am now just getting back out there again. I have regained my personal grounding. I feel strong and confident. I am happy and independent. I will settle for nothing but the best. I am now a woman of value, not a woman of desperation. And I’m quite fine being alone — if someone wants to hitch their wagon to my star, let them try. This isn’t to say I’m not interested in dating. I am. But I’m only interested in being with the best. Otherwise, the best thing for me — is me. This is what happens when you wait. You recognize your value, and you realize what your blessings are — and you discover that you’ll never settle again.


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