Ask Single Dating Diva: Is Swinging REALLY That Common? How Do They Meet?

A little while back I posted a guest post on the Popularity of Swinging, as you can see in the comments and the emails I received it was a very popular topic! One of the main things people were saying was that they didn’t believe it was really that popular, but the thing is it’s not something most people flaunt in public so you don’t know if your neighbour or your friend engages in swinging.  This brings me to my next most popular comment/question about how these people actually meet or know about each other.  I had no idea, so I asked my friends at Swinger Nation to answer that one!  Enjoy!

swingingDear Single Dating Diva,

I was surprised to hear about how popular swinging really is, are there statistics?  How do swingers meet other swinging couples? Is it really that easy to meet others? It’s hard to believe that it’s really that popular!


Swingingly Intrigued

Dear Swingingly Intrigued,

For the vast majority of couples, date night probably equates to dining at a special place or going to the cinema, but for people that practice the swinger lifestyle, especially those that are committed, date night means finding and meeting couples in order to exchange new sexual experiences with them. The term swinger has been full of misinterpretations and urban myths ever since the lifestyle became popular decades ago.

Although the lifestyle is now gaining lots of widespread acceptance, it still manages to elicit images of hippie parties and middle aged couples interested in fulfilling fantasies. However, those that are deeply involved with the lifestyle, such as owners of swinger websites and meeting organizers, assure that the popularity of the practice is increasing exponentially. Although it’s tricky to know just how many people practice swinging, there are estimates that mention over 14 million worldwide. We cannot deny that this is an impressive number for a conduct that was perceived as inappropriate sexual behavior decades ago.

There are lots of couples that are interested in embracing the swinger lifestyle; however, they do not know where to go in order to meet other like minded people. The good news is that it has never been easier to meet other swinger couples thanks to online dating sites. The bad news is that many of those couples registered in swinger dating websites are merely curious and are not ready to make a full commitment to the lifestyle. You may have to sort out many options before you find a genuine swinger couple that shares many of the same desires and expectations as you do.

Another option is to enter a swinger club. In these clubs, you might find a couple that shares the same interests as you do with very little effort. A great way to check out which are the best swinger clubs nearby, is with an online search. In just a few minutes, you’ll know if the swinger club you’re interested in joining is right for you. Keep in mind that every swinger club has its own set of rules and restrictions, and you should learn about them before entering.

Another staple of the swinger lifestyle is meeting other couples on a cruise. These cruises are full of adventurous people that are ready to enjoy new experiences with the added benefit of visiting new places. Some swinger cruises will also accept singles if they accept the terms and conditions and their rules.

Hope this answers your questions!

Would love to hear your thoughts and any other questions in the comments section!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I’ve met people off the swinger website and at swinger parties. There is also Craigslist. I do believe a lot more people have tried it than most people realize. Some people go to hotels that are swinger oriented too, mostly outside the U.S. I don’t think it’s all that hard to meet people, but it is harder for two people in a couple to find another couple that they “match up” with well.


  2. It’s popularity is one of the reasons I wrote it into the plot line of ‘eloves me, eloves me not’. Whether it’s your thing or not, it’s out there and part of the single and couples scene. Given I was writing a very authentic and contemporary story about online dating and all that it entails, I thought I needed to be there. Don’t let it be said that this author didn’t try to include a little something for everyone!


  3. Up until a year ago I never new these places existed…i’m a middle aged single women. It is interesting to be in the dating scene at age 44. It seems to be all friends with benefits. Was on a dating site when someone brought up another site to go to and there it was a swingers site. The site was linked to a club in Toronto out of curiousity, I went down to see what it was all about. I’ve been going ever since. Very open people know what they want and communication is key. I have spoken to many singles and couples and they say communication is key. You have to go in knowing what you want and what your looking for.


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