The Popularity of Swinging: Guest Post

Open relationships have become quite popular in recent years.  People are more adventurous and enjoy trying new things.  It’s not for everyone and should be entered into completely willingly with no pressure.  Here is a guest post from our friends at Swinger Nation giving us a little glimpse as to why swinging has become so popular.  Enjoy!

Swinging has started to become a mainstream lifestyle ever thanks to the enormous promotion it has enjoyed over the last years. It is not uncommon to see boat cruises, hotels and vacations aimed specifically at people who practice swinging. Although it is believed that swinging was first documented as being popular with members of the upper classes, it is now practiced by just about anyone that is interested in exploring new sexual adventures.

The Popularity of SwingersWe don’t know for sure when exactly swinging started, but some dating experts speculate that it exploded in popularity thanks to the hippie movement of the 60’s, where certain groups of people were interested in exploring new boundaries regarding relationships and sexuality. A few decades ago, swinging was very uncommon and it wasn’t easy to meet other couples that were interested in swapping partners. All of this has completely changed through the years and even more so since the launch of the Internet, like It is now extremely common to see clubs and bars exclusively aimed at swingers in most cities around the world where such practices are permitted.

However, swinging is not for every couple out there. A requisite for swingers is that they must have a very strong and trusting relationship to succeed with this lifestyle. Swingers who are more interested in their own pleasure and happiness, instead of their partner’s well being will probably fracture their relationship in a short period of time. Swingers with healthy mindsets believe that if having sex with another person makes their partner happy, their relationship will become even stronger as a result. It is extremely important that both partners fully know why each other wants to be a swinger. Probably one of the most important success factors for swinging is a relationship that relies on open communication and high levels of trust. Those couples who understand these principles will definitively find that it is easier to make the transition to a swinging lifestyle than those who do not trust their partners fully.

Swinging can be an exciting and stimulating adventure for couples that are interested in exploring new sexual territory. It can inject a new dose of freshness to a couple’s sexual needs, including fantasies and desires that can sometimes be difficult to fulfill without interacting with other people. Swinging is mostly about sharing new adventures between partners, which in turn will strengthen even more the bonds and trust that was already present.

I always say better to do something like that with your partner and with their full knowledge than to sneak around! Thanks for the info Swinger Nation … so readers, what do you think? Is Swinging something you would consider trying or have tried before?  Would love to get your comments!!

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  1. Yes, I’ve tried. During my marriage long time ago and later with a FWB. It was fun and exciting, spiced things up, but now that it’s not new to me anymore I prefer one on one after all.


  2. Swinging is NOT mainstream. Never has, and never will be.
    To each his own, but i will never undersatnd why people would be in a committed relationship and then share their bed.
    How do you bond with your own partner if you are doing someone else?


    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 This lifestyle choice is not for everyone but it is definitely more common than you might think. Most of it is done in secret and only people within that community know about it. Just because you don’t know who’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s not mainstream 😉


  3. I’m conflicted… I’ve participated, but unfortunately most “swingers clubs” are filled with a senior citizen community. However, Miami Velvet -you guessed it, in Miami- has tons of good looking people.
    Even though I get off to MFF type of stuff as well as MFM, and group sex I don’t like sharing the woman I care about… weird right?


    • Thanks for your comment!! Not at all weird … I have said before that any multiple person sex usually works best when there is no emotional attachment unless that’s absolutely what you’re BOTH into.


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