Seeking Love Single Style

Seeking Love Single Style

Whatever do I mean by that?  Well, Seeking Love Single Style means that you are looking for love, but, more importantly you are enjoying your single life immensely.  You don’t NEED someone, you WANT someone.  There’s a big difference.  I was recently asked if I never met the one I was looking for would I still be happy.  After giving it a moment’s thought I said YES! Of course I would still be happy.  Why? Because I am fulfilled in every aspect of my life – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Would I prefer to be with a partner? Yes, of course I would.  When men say “you seem great, why are you still single?” I tell them “I am still single because I want the right man, not just any man”.  That should be the case for every single person.  No settling, just holding out for the right one.  Be true to you.

Single Isn’t a Bad Word

More often than not, people see being single as a death sentence.  You know the deal.  You see all your friends in relationships, getting married, having kids and you feel like the only person in the world who is single.  We’ve all been there.  The older you get the more this is a reality.  I know personally, I find it hard to get together and relate to the lives of my closest friends because they are in a different place in their life, and, forget about trying to arrange something to do, especially if they have children.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for them.  It’s just that where they’re at isn’t where I’m at.

Single really can be fun.  It’s all about perspective.  This whole “finding my second half business” is incredibly damaging to the single psyche.  You don’t need a second half! You are whole on your own.  You need to be proud of who you are and confident about what you have to offer or else your dating life will be a disaster.  Being with you should be a privilege for the other person, not the other way around.  Remember, 1 + 1 = 2, it doesn’t equal 1.  That’s what “seeking love single style” means.

Seeking Love Single Style

So now you know what it is, then how do you do it?  Seeking love single style means doing your own thing and letting love come organically, don’t force it.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be happy in your own skin without worrying about what others think and how they perceive you.
  • Always put your best foot forward wherever you go and with whoever you meet.
  • Be confident, not cocky, in who you are and always walk with your head held high.
  • Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Keep your schedule full of activities that you love to do and with people who love to be with.
  • Do things on your own like eating at a restaurant and travelling.

If you are happy alone you will make a great partner for someone else and they will be in your life because you want them there, as a companion, not because you need them there to make you whole.  You are whole without anyone else.  Now go out there and begin seeking love SINGLE style!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Right on Sister…… I have been with WAY too many “not right” women. I want to meet that right one! Being single is far better than being with someone for the convenience and availability to do something with, or have on your arm to prove to the world you have settled on someone.


  2. Spot on. I hope one day the concept of being happy with yourself above all else becomes mainstream. I see so many people lurching from one bad relationship to another with no breathing space to work out why things always fail.


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