Just A Gigolo … Escorting Glamorized

I’ve newly discovered this show called “Gigolos” and can I say holy hotness!! Where did THEY come from and where can I get one of those? I also really liked that show “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” when it was on. It fascinates me how these people can take the oldest profession in the book and kick it up a notch. It got me thinking, are these really truly viable options for people in need of a quick fix or, has the more open hook up culture left these professions obsolete? Well, by taking veritable prostitution off the streets and into the classy clubs and in the home it’s somehow made it a part of everyday life. Is that such a bad thing? Well, no, I don’t think so because it is safer than picking up someone walking the streets. Perhaps even safer than a random one night stand hook up. Does it replace a real and fulfilling relationship? Well no, of course it doesn’t! What makes these glamorized escorts so appealing then? Let’s explore further …

Just A Gigolo … The Appeal of Sex For Money

just a gigoloWell, if you want to talk appealing then you’ve got to look at some of these people! WOW!! Seriously, these guys and girls are not in the normal realm of attractiveness. In addition to watching the show Gigolos, I looked around the net and found sites like this one (apparently with “models”) called Models Escort Agency where your deepest fantasies of being with a model are promised come true – for the right price!  Many of the sites that I saw have women (sometimes men) with gorgeous bodies in sexy lingerie (but we don’t see their face) and they all want to be with anyone who asks (and pays!).

Well, I think that’s appealing to most. I mean who wouldn’t want to have sex with a highly attractive person?  What else appeals to people who pay for high end escorts? These escorts go through apparent stringent health and safety testing in order to protect them and their clients. Typically, or the impression that’s given, they are doing this job because they like to or they need the extra cash, not to feed a drug addiction or in a sex slavery situation. Appealing is also that these escorts are highly skilled in giving pleasure and are willing to partake in your kinkiest requests (within reason of course). So what’s the appeal, well, no strings attached satisfying sex with someone high on the hot quotient that you probably wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. What’s not to like? What is holding you back? Oh, ya, you have to pay them!

Just A Gigolo … Escorting Glamorized

Well looking at those guys in the Gigolos show and their clients, as well as other escort themed shows, I wonder if that’s really how it is. Is it really that open and free? Is it all choice and free will? They are at the whim of their Madam or Pimp right? Right! From the clients’ point of view they’re paying for a service. From the escort’s point of view they’re getting some great cash for giving pleasure. Win-win? Well, not so sure. I think it’s glamorized a little more than it really is in reality. I mean what if these escorts get a really unattractive or gross client? They still have to perform. I won’t even mention the risks of abuse and bad behavior.  Don’t they feel used after? What about moral issues (if any)? What about the client, do they feel it’s money well spent? I guess so.

For women/men who are fiercely independent and work hard, they don’t have time for relationships, but they do have needs, so this works for them. This also works well for those wanting to try new things. What do I say? Well to each their own. I can’t say I wouldn’t want one of those hotties all to myself for a few hours, but, not sure I’d want to pay for it! One thing to ALWAYS keep in mind is safety. If you do go down the pay for sex path, then you need to be extremely selective and choose reputable and legal sites and organizations. Fun always, but safety first.

What do you think about all these shows glamorizing escorting? Are they an easy way out when you want no strings attached sex? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Just last night I was watching a passionate eye doc on an Australian sex worker who specializes in “overlooked clients”. People with serious disabilities that well go through life with virtually zero odds of experiences anything sexual otherwise. It’s an interesting prospective. Many of these encounters are arranged by family members and close friends wanting their friend or relative to have “normal life” experiences. In their case it was the replacement.



    • Thanks for sharing that John! It’s an interesting concept isn’t it? But, is it so wrong? Is it bad? I don’t know, but if it brings something positive to someone’s life, then, why not?


      • I found nothing wrong with it. I would actually be quite supportive of having some sort of licensed service for people with such severe disabilities that want this. Licensing would to ensure things like safe sex but also training in handling such individuals requiring medical equipment like lifts etc. Also there is some need to protect such a vulnerable population.


  2. This was a well written piece that allows us to look at both sides of the scale. I once thought about being an escort as an easy means to be company for a lady, whether it as for dinner, a corporate party, a convention or something of that sort. I had a job that did okay but I could have benefited by way of taking up something exciting, new, and social.

    I didn’t have any physically redeeming qualities that would make me a model. I am just about 5’8, good physique (currently at 43). I (still) don’t think I am strikingly handsome, or stylish. Just your typical african-american midwestern guy. I just figured that I could make some extra readies by being a gentleman and date. I speak well, have good manners, and I tend to work to the beat of my own drum.

    I shared this with older co-worker/friend who used to bar tend at adult establishments once upon a time ago, and somewhat understood the hidden culture. She suggested that I give my thought a little ‘more thought.’ She made mention that if you wanted to get paid for the night you had to do what was asked, and that some people were not very kind in how they treated others. I was told that I was a kind hearted and good guy, but the emotional and mental scars could effect other aspects of my life.

    Though I am not one to just take another person’s word without some research and critical thought, I did come to the following conclusion. What may seem ideal may not be practically sound, when I has been said and done. The agency who had a nice story piece written in the daily, from where I got this bright idea, had been shut down within a matter of weeks – anyway.

    Thank you for your article.


    • Thanks for your comment and sharing your story. That lifestyle isn’t to be taken lightly. Although some part of it may be tempting, you need to weigh the risks and options. Good luck!


      • The movie producers, directors, and writers can really add a lot of polish to fiction. Some people can and some cannot. Bananas how your article brought that out.

        Keep schooling us well, and for the better.


  3. I remember when I found this show too! I was so fascinated by it and then men who were living this lifestyle. I think there’s a lot more shows glamorizing women in escort roles (i.e. Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Cathouse), so it’s interesting seeing men in that role instead. I don’t think paying for sex is the best option for an easy way out of no strings attached sex though. There is a string there – money. Sure, you might get to be with someone way hotter than you’d normally pick up in a bar or wherever, but I don’t think the majority of people are willing to pay the cost (both monetarily and knowing you had to pay someone to get some).

    Great article here though and an interesting topic to bring up!


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