Sex in Canada – What’s the Deal?

sex in canadaSexy time in Canada … is it any different than anywhere else in the world? Not sure, but what I am sure of is that although Canadians have pretty good sex lives overall, they need to get some more sexy time in.  So grab your partner and read on … plus I have a special treat for all you Ottawa peeps courtesy of the Adult Fun Superstore!

I was in my doctor’s office and one of the magazines had an article and it cited a survey about what Canadians think would make their sex lives better … what did they say? Well, having better bodies, more spontaneity, more romance, more experimentation, increase in partner’s libido, deeper emotional connection with partner, finding a partner and finding a new partner.  It got me thinking … how does Canada rank sexy time? How often do they do it? What’s the deal?

sex canadaSex in Canada – What’s the Deal?

I pulled up a Canadian Sex Survey I had read earlier this year for Canadians surveyed who were aged 18-49… so here are some numbers:

  • What’s good is that most Canadians (73%) are satisfied with their sex lives with 28% feeling very satisfied and 45% somewhat satisfied. On average, men and women feel equally satisfied in the bedroom.  Highest satisfaction is in the province of Ontario (yay that’s where I’m from) and lowest in Quebec (which I find surprising).
  • Scheduled sex? Say it ain’t so! 85% of Canadians say they are most likely to have sex on Saturday, 66% say it’s Friday, while 61% of Canadians do it on Sunday.
  • The average number of sexual partners is 12, but 23% of men and 13% of women admitted to over 20 sexual partners so far in their lifetime.  25% have had 2-4 partner and 17% have had only one partner.  The older people were, the more partners they had, which is logical I think.
  • Sexy time all the time? well only 8% do it every day, 33% do it a few times a week, 35% a few times a month, 19% once a month or less, 4% never … yikes! Canada, we need to work on these numbers!
  • People did, however wish they were having more sex.  How much more? Well 31% wished they were having sex every day (men more than women), 47% wanted to do it several times a week (women more than men), 19% would be happy with a few times per month (women more than men), 3% would be OK with once a month or less.
  • Canadians who are dating are having much more sex … 63% of dating Canadians have sex a few times per week, whereas only 36% of married Canadians report having sex a few times per week.  Is this a case for staying single? LOL!
  • One is not always so lonely … Of those surveyed, 13% pleasure themselves daily, 24% take care of business a few times per week, while 24% do it a few times per month. One-fifth of Canadians (19%) go solo only once a month or less and 13% of Canadians say they never do.  Interesting.
  • Threesomes? Yup Canadians are a kinky bunch! Half (51%) have either been with two or more people at the same time, or would

    be open to the idea. But of course men were much more willing participants than women (70% versus 30%).

  • What’s a turnoff? Yup you guessed it! Bad body odour (63%) is the biggest turn off. Other hygiene related turn-offs in the bedroom? Bad breath (58%), the not so fresh or clean feeling (35%) and bad grooming “down there” (35%). I hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO! Good hygiene and grooming is important!
  • Now for my favorite stat of all! “8% have done the horizontal mambo in a canoe”! And props to Ontario again who can boast the MOST canoe sex at 14% … just saying.  “A Canadian is somebody who knows how to make love in a canoe” says novelist Pierre Berton … so more Canadians need to get to a canoe stat!

Oh Canada! I guess you, ahem, are standing on guard 😉 Well … you need to be doing more of it! Let’s work on those stats pronto!! C’mon what are you waiting for? Of course, I’m always here to help so check out the giveaway below!

What do you think of these numbers? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

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