Are There Vices To Dating Advice?

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When I look out into the blogosphere, I see countless dating blogs, dating “coaches” and dating experts.  Everyone who dates is an expert these days.  Experience has made experts of us all, and, there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s not only theory that makes you knowledgeable about a topic.  We all know a degree means nothing if you don’t have practical knowledge and sometimes that’s all you need.  Personally I don’t care what someone knows in theory but I do want to hear about how they dealt with a situation themselves.  That’s why any advice should be relatable.  But are they really?  With so much dating advice “noise” who do you listen to? What advice is the RIGHT advice?

Choosing The Best Dating Advice For You

I always advise people to listen to their gut and this applies to taking dating advice.  There is never a black or white clear answer to any situation.  Even you yourself treat each experience differently because the person you’re dealing with is different.  The same thing applies when you’re reading a blog or an article about the shoulds and should nots of dating.  So how do you weed out the best dating advice?

You need to ask yourself:

  •  Is it realistic? You need to determine if this dating advice is applicable to you and your own situation.  Not all advice is created equal.  You should feel like they’re “preaching to the choir”.  The goals need to be attainable.
  • Is it relatable? You need to conclude whether or not this advice speaks to you.  When you read this person’s writing do you automatically think “yes, that happens to me too”.  This is very important because when a person’s experiences and knowledge are relatable to you then the solutions they suggest from experience are more often than not applicable to you and your situation.
  • Is it concrete?  We all know what we NEED to do we just don’t always know how to do it.  We need the steps or a process to follow.  It should also include what the consequences are.  Good advice is well rounded and logical.  You should be able to easily apply the steps given.
  • Do you get a good feeling about it? What does your gut tell you?  Your instincts should tell you whether or not this dating advice is good for you.

Inspiring Change Through Caring and Interaction

Good dating advice shows empathy and all points of view.  The person giving advice should show that they care about you and your situation.  When you’re reading someone’s advice, you should feel that this person is imparting their knowledge because they want to help, that it’s not self-serving.  You can identify this from their interactions.  Do they just throw information at you or do they speak with you if you reach out?  If you ask them their opinion do they respond?  Also, a person who gives good advice knows their limitations and isn’t a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades”.  They are recognized as an expert in their field by others and are not self-proclaimed.

There is a lot of advice out there.  You need to weed through it for yourself, and, if you find someone you really like and that’s relatable then make sure to let them know how they’ve helped you.  I know personally, I enjoy very much interacting with my readers and helping where (and when) I can.  Stop by and say hello and make sure to ask me if you need help with any situation, I’m always happy to help.

Happy (and Safe) Dating Everyone!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Welcome to the world of anyone can set up a site. Trust a site that knows what it’s talking about, has awards behind it and one you enjoy reading – you’ll be more open to the advice.


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