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We’re extremely lucky to have the one and only Marrie Lobel from Dirty in Public stop by to give us some HOT sex tips … who better to get our engines running than the expert herself!? Enjoy and make sure to add your own tips to the list in the comments section!! 

sex tipsIf you’re over 24 and not a virgin odds are you’ve done some research on how to be a better lover. Sex advice is everywhere but that doesn’t mean it’s all useful. Cosmo’s sex advice borders on absurd and AskMen can be helpful …if you’re single and 20. Truth is great sex doesn’t require playing dress up or a night table full of edibles. Leave the peanut butter in the pantry and save the costumes for Halloween, Dirty In Public offers sex tips for the rest of us! Ditch the crazy antics and suit up for action because having game in the bedroom doesn’t require a player.

Dirty’s Sex Tips

Pre-Game Tailgate

Start revving your engines long before you hit the sheets.

From the moment you decide nooky is on the menu, wet your palette with appetizers: Flirt. A little note tucked in a pocket, suggestive emails slipped into the inbox, and deliberately naughty texts are all ways to start the fire. Let your partner know that tonight you’re ready to play ball.

There is no foreplay…it’s ALL sex.

In pursuit of the all mighty O, couples round the bases way too quickly; stopping briefly at various points along the way recheck their to-do list. It’s sad that most share President Clinton’s definition of sex. No penetration? Then it’s not sex. Couples need to stop treating sex like a destination and enjoy the journey. Your moves don’t have to change but your attitude should! Foreplay is not before sex…it is sex. Show it the proper respect by relaxing, feeling, and enjoying every second

Drop it like it’s hot.

It may seem odd to have spontaneity following revving and foreplay but this post is not a step by step stereo instruction manual, it’s a market of options! If your modus operandi is to make sweet, slow love making then it’s time to make it hot. Channel the hormonal adolescent of yesteryear to make a hot mess of desire and limbs. Flip the skirt up, pull the panties to the side, and leave the pants on.

Don’t believe the hype.

Anxiety and stress are the biggest mood killers. If you’re concerned about your body or the number of notches on your bedpost, chances are it affects your pleasure and performance. As difficult as it may sound tune out the negative voices in your head and ignore locker room self-talk. A promiscuous lifestyle shouldn’t assume all were satisfied and what is a hot bod means different things to different people. Own the skin you’re in and disregard the fish tales from pals.

Game On!

Massage the perineum.

What? That’s right…I said it! Here is where I get Dirty! This, ladies and gents, is an erotic massage that when done during intercourse can send your partner into orgasmic orbit…literally. Pair the massage with a water based lubricant if you want things to get really interesting! Take it slow, don’t be nervous and thank me later.

It’s not an exam…stop probing.

Most of adult women have had the pleasure eyes rolling of going to see an OB and nothing about sex should remind a woman of that experience. Here is a PSA to all men out there…please stop diving into our viginas as if you are looking for something deep inside your couch cushion. It doesn’t feel good, AT ALL! A few inches with a couple of fingers will do the trick. Trust me on this one! If a chick digs digital with more thrust she will let you know and odds are you will be working up to that point rather than lunging fist first into the great wide open!

Nipples are not a chew toy.

Introducing nipples best friends; Flick, Lick, Tweak and Tickle. Most men and women fumble around these tantalizing pleasure peaks and frankly, it’s a shame. Take a little time and allow these friends to reacquaint themselves. May I suggest opting for flirty flicks with your tongue, stimulating tickles from a feather, succulent licks, or exhilarating nips from fingertips? To men and women everywhere…please stop slobbering and gnawing at the chest like a dog whose prey-drive kicked in; unless, of course, they like it! Then by all means, carry on!

One night of sex…with no penetration.

Imagine sex with no intercourse. I wonder if you can.  Expand your definition of sex and explore new techniques that arouse, tease, and please! Vibrators, tongues, fingers, and “tipping in” are all fair play but your goal for the evening is to achieve a crescendo of pleasure without going all in.

Post Game

Now that you have risen to the occasion and mentally high-fiving your sexual prowess, seal the deal on your new gold star status by enjoying each other’s company. This is the part where most recommend cuddling. I personally don’t like cuddling after sex, so what do you do if snuggles aren’t favored but still want some post game intimacy? Laugh, nibble, and enjoy the afterglow. Share some time together naked or scantily clad by watching a favorite movie, making a snack, or playing cards.

Improving your moves in between the sheets is not about acrobatics or expensive negligees. Sex is a lot like cooking an exceptional meal, it’s not the plates it’s served on, the pans they’re cooked in, or even the ingredients used…it’s about technique. Following these simple sex tips can turn up the heat of desire from a simmer to a rolling boil. Experience the joy of scoring big with your partner without strutting like a player. Because odds are those days are far behind you and besides, players are rarely worthy of the hype!

DirtyInPublicMarrie Lobel is the Geekalicious creator of the hottest online lifestyle magazine, Dirty In Public. A California based freelance writer, and globally recognized brand that combines wit, wisdom, and a splash of audacity to shatter outdated perceptions, stimulate conversations, and ignite relationships between the sexes. You can read more on her website, Dirty In Public, Follow her on Twitter, Pin her on Pinterest, and Like her on Facebook.


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