Food and Wine: Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic-Dinner-IdeasWhat is romance anyway? Well, it’s different for every person I think.  Essentially, it’s an action or thing that evokes feelings of love and affection.  Some like it, and need it, more than others.  Personally, I’m not too much into romantic things.  I mean it’s nice every once in a while.  I guess for me it’s more in the fantasy realm than reality and I spend a lot of time in reality.  But, regardless, romance is an extremely important component of every relationship.  You want to do nice things for your significant other to make them feel special, or at least you should. This is romance. It’s holding hands, it’s being thoughtful, it’s putting your partner first, it’s doing something special for your partner, it’s going out of your way for them … well, you get the idea.  There’s nothing more romantic, in my opinion, than a home-made romantic dinner.  It takes time and effort to prepare and means oh so much more than a fancy gift. You can’t throw money at romance, it will only take you so far … but going to the trouble of doing something special for your love is golden.  I will be giving you some romantic dinner ideas that will not only wow your partner, but will definitely get you in their good books.

Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic Dinner don’t have to be at some expensive frou frou restaurant.  In fact, I would argue that they shouldn’t be at all.  Just because you spend $200 on a dinner doesn’t mean anything. Impressive? No. I mean it’s nice and I’m sure the food would be great.  What is even greater is when YOU make the effort and prepare a romantic night at home for your sweetie pie.  It does take some planning and coordination, that’s for sure, but, you will see, it will mean that much more to them.  If it doesn’t well then you’re going to have to ask yourself what THEIR priorities are.

Romantic Dinner Ideas: Preparing

  1. Plan a menu that is simple for you to prepare. Pick a recipe with no more than 5-7 ingredients.  This will ensure that it’s less complicated.  Preferably, ask for an easy recipe from your friends or family because you know it will be good.  If you really really can’t cook then you can get nice take out or ask for help, but making the effort to cook, especially if you aren’t good at it will work to your benefit (just have a plan B just in case LOL).  Make sure to have appetizers or munchies for when they arrive, a main meal and dessert (can be store bought).  Looking online for some romantic dinner ideas will make your life much easier, it will just take a little effort.  Don’t forget to make a grocery list before you go to buy what you need.
  2. Don’t forget the wine.  You will need to make sure you have a couple bottles of wine on hand, champagne is even better (did you know Champagne pairs with any food?).  The purpose ISN’T to get them or you drunk, it’s for mood enhancement. Put some thought into the wine you buy, just because a wine is expensive doesn’t make it better tasting. When you’ve planned your menu just search online for what wine pairs with the food you’re making. It’s very easy to find.
  3. Ambiance. It’s not only about the food and wine, ambiance is also very important.  You want to have a romantic environment. This means cleaning your house. De-clutter, sanitize and tidy up.  Don’t forget the bathroom, kitchen and most importantly the bedroom … you know, just in case 😉 Have some candles and flowers.  A nice scent that isn’t strong (such as vanilla) will help, not hinder, your cause.  Choose a music playlist that you know they’ll love … like for me crooners work every time! You want them to walk in and say “wow” you really went to a lot of trouble.  Make sure you have nice plates, glasses and cutlery, napkins. You know, not paper or plastic 😉

Romantic Dinner Ideas: Executing

  1. Get all the stuff you’ll need for the meal and the wine, best to do it the day before so that you don’t have to run around the day of.
  2. Do any last minute cleaning and tidying up.
  3. Set up the ambiance you planned – candles, music, set the table.
  4. Cook the meal, adding about 30-60 minutes to the time they say in the recipe to account for any unforeseen events.
  5. Set up the appetizers/munchies.
  6. 30 minutes before they are set to arrive everything should be done.
  7. Serve dinner and dessert when you guys feel like it.

These are just some tips for your romantic dinner ideas, but you need to make this your own.  Doing the above mentioned things has always worked really well for me.  Remember it’s about making THEM feel special.  It’s not about using it against them and reminding them over and over how hard you worked and making them feel bad.  It’s NOT about you.  It’s about THEM.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever planned a romantic meal for your significant other? What are some of your romantic dinner ideas?  What doesn’t work? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Love the work Single Dating Diva

    Point One is a very good idea. Planning something simple and easy to prepare makes it less pressure on the day – allowing you to enjoy yourself a little more.

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