Ten Things Online Daters are Sick of Hearing: Guest Post

Although there are plenty of horror stories and happy endings in every group of friends, many people enjoy the roller coaster ride of the online dating juggernaut. So let’s bust apart some negative misconceptions about online dating once and for all.

online-datingTen Things Online Daters are Sick of Hearing 

1. It’s only good for hooking up

There are plenty of dating sites that blatantly promote the hooking up potential. Then there are other sites that are classy, witty and intellect-driven rather than overtly sexual. Just as in real life, people are diverse in what they want, and online daters want different things too.

2. It’s dangerous and risky

Online dating could be seen as an additional buffer zone for gathering information about someone before meeting them. In many respects it’s safer than just randomly meeting someone in a bar or nightclub. Just to be on the safe side, always meet in a public place and tell someone to keep tabs on your whereabouts.

3. It’s impersonal

Everybody has a story, scars, secrets and strengths. How can you imprint the very fabric of your soul onto an online dating profile? Well of course you can’t! The point is to look beyond the profile page and get to know people properly – that’s where the soul is!

4. It’s like shopping for a partner

The shopping list mentality quickly becomes boring. It’s getting to know real people that’s the key to successful online dating.

5. It’s full of liars and scammers

Be careful when sharing photos, your full name, home address and date of birth. This could be used by scammers. Although the vast majority of people on online dating are simply looking for love, just like you are! Sites such as eHarmony require you to complete a detailed questionnaire that puts off a lot of would-be scammers.

6. It’s full of weirdos

Actually there are more people using online dating in the world than ever before. Many successful people are short of time nowadays. Most busy people can’t just sit around in bars or pubs waiting for the right person to serendipitously stumble in there. Instead they use online dating.

7. All of the good ones are already taken

It’s jaded and pessimistic to think that all of the nice and good-looking people in the world are in a relationship. You will be pleasantly surprised!

8. It’s all fake

No, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is fake. Disneyland is fake. Online dating is populated by real people looking for real things. Some may be flaky and unreliable but many others are really serious about their quest.

9. There’s nobody worth knowing there

Of course there is! It’s possible that you may have some dull dates, awkward ones, and ones that you wish never happened at all. But you will also meet some amazing people too, magnetic, intriguing and who will stay in your mind for a long time afterwards. Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

10. It’s cheesy

Some people scoff at the idea of finding the love of your life via online dating. In this day and age there is no stigma attached to online dating, it’s just another great way of meeting people, as modern life means we have less time to spare.

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  1. Meet my fiancee this past summer online. She is relocating from Sacramento to Cleveland this summer. We were looking for people in our own cities, but entertained a greater possibility.


  2. Just got engaged to a guy I met online. How is online dating less safe than meeting someone during a pub crawl? But yeah, I’ve had all of the above thrown at me. Online dating was always about having fun meeting new people for me. Meeting the love of my life was a nice bonus though 😉


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