The “Bad Boy” – You Can Only Hope to Contain Him: Guest Post

Does this sound familiar? A common theme in the female dating circle – those “bad boys” and that damn allure that allows them to always get their way…or does it?

The “Bad Boy” – You Can Only Hope to Contain Him

If you were to ask a group of women to describe what makes a bad boy, I would bet that these men are not as “bad” as the word lends itself to be. Natural born jerks aside, men who catch this generic label tend to be men who are living their life to their terms and enjoying the presence around them, at any particular moment. The fact that he did not answer your text back in a timely fashion could mean he is wrapped up living his life and creating incredible experiences for himself…damn him.

The “Bad Boy” – Getting His Attention

Bad-BoyUse these tips to ensure that your “bad boy” is thinking about you even if he does not show it:

Tip 1: You Each Need Space and Time

The best way to stay fresh and sexy in a man’s mind is to give him space to miss you. Some clichés are just true. You both got together one night, had drinks over some relaxing music and the night got a little heated. Let him go off the next day if he has items on his agenda and you take that day for yourself as well. Let this guy reach out to you and reciprocate his advances. Some light flirting between days of actual physical interaction builds immense sexual tension. Too much hinders your own allure and leaves the bad boy seeking a new chase.

Tip 2: Keep Your Options Abundant

The easiest way for you to keep your mind off of that one guy is to occupy yourself with others. I am not condoning sleeping with any random man that passes by, unless that is your style. But you are not in a monogamous relationship with that one guy and owe it to yourself to see if there really is another guy out there with more to offer. At the very least, you open yourself up to experiences that you may not have had by closing yourself off to new relationships. This step is not about jealousy. It is about living your life just as he is going to do as well. You deserve all the same perks of a single life.

Tip 3: Do Not Commit Too Quickly

Again, this step is not part of some dirty dating game where you hope to capture the man of your affection in your web. This step is for your own self-reflection. Before becoming too serious with your “bad boy,” just remember his past actions and demeanor towards you. A lot of these men truly are good guys who have their heads on straight and understand that their life will wait for no one. That is why they always seem aloof when texting you and have long periods of no contact. This is what you need to realize now and live to your best ability, as well. Ask yourself if a committed relationship with this guy is truly worth it, your sexual attraction aside.

These men can make great partners for you. They have a destination in life and at some point everyone enjoys a co-pilot. But be just that for him…a co-pilot. Help him when he asks for it and offer assistance. These bad boys resent nothing more than their female counterparts yanking the steering wheel from them and directing their lives. These men are going to do the things they enjoy doing. You need to be doing this for yourself as well. They are not disregarding you; they just have hesitation to give up some power and compromise at times.

Take your own time to enjoy your life and keep contact with your “bad boy” as much as you would a regular acquaintance. If more is what he is looking for, you will soon know.

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