Top 10 First Date Conversation Tips: Guest Post

First dates can be hard and for some it may be even harder to start an interesting conversation with someone while you’re on that date. That is why has prepared some conversation tips that can be used by everybody to help you with first dates. Here are the top 10 first date conversation tips that will leave them interested every time!

Top 10 First Date Conversation Tips

first-date-coversation-tips1. Area of Interests

When you are on a date, make sure you take into consideration the interests of the person you are on the date with. Be interested in their life, job, leisure, or at least show the empathy with everything they do in life. For guys it is recommended to show the understanding of what women are saying and why, etc. Do not talk about yourself only.

2. Dreams

To know a person better sometimes means to find out their dreams and expectations of life. Besides, dreams and ambitions occupy a lot of time of each person’s life and are an integral part of the whole human existence. Do not forget that when you are with someone.

3. Stories About Friends

When you mention your friends on a date, you prove that you have people who like you, who are ready to help and other people who are a part of your life in general. It will surely bring some positive reputation to a person you are on a date with. Make sure, however, that you do not talk about friends most of the time.

4. Smiles and Jokes

Smiles are always important. When you are on a date, there is no need for sad or sour faces. The sounds of laughter are always something people want to hear and share.  Simply be natural and do not be afraid to smile and laugh.

5. Personal Experience

This is a great way to get to know someone. By telling your own personal experiences concerning this or that situation you share yourself and your life with other people. Anecdotes or sharing the memories will perfectly do for the first date.

6. Ask About Places

Even if you do not know if they are having a good time with you, you can always change the situation for the better by asking if they have ever been to some special place. That can be a good platform for a second date if they have never been there. Besides, talking about traveling or something like that brings newer topics to discuss.

7. Something About Yourself

It is good when you are an attentive listener, but do not forget to tell a bit about yourself too. It is common that making way from the monologue to the dialogue shows that you are on the same wavelength with the person. In addition, it deprives of the necessity to ask too many questions and drag the answers by force.

8. Having a Good Time

There is an awkward moment when the date is about to end, when you need to share how you felt it went. If you had a really good time, do not be afraid to express it right away. Be honest to yourself and the person you are with.

9. Bill Issues

This is one of the most disputable issues on first dates. Of course, it is better for men to work out the situation without even asking women for their half. They are expected to pay without hesitation, but it’s nice for the women to offer. Besides, that will always make a good impression.

10. Calling Back

When the date was enjoyable and you want to proceed next time, you should call back. Traditionally, here guys should take the responsibility first. Women do not usually do the calling back. But, that’s not always the case, times are changing. If you had a good time, let the other person know and thank them. If you want to see them again, suggest another date.

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  1. I really try to keep it light, especially after a drink. It is too easy to go off on a tangent and people assume too much into what you say on a first date. I think it is great to be conversational, but I wouldn’t reveal too much personal information on a first date. I’ve had this blow up in my face too often. The difference is what I think of as maybe a little personal, is “very personal” for some people. I try to keep the convo around “co-worker” level. (And some light flirting)


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