Dating Question: Trading Up or Down?

So sometimes people cheat or leave someone for someone seemingly of less “quality” as the partner they are with. Other times they leave one person for someone completely on the other side of the spectrum. Dating up? Perhaps that’s more understandable … but what about dating down?? Now that’s confusing. Usually it’s for nothing more than something different, a different “flavor” if you will. Some people just need variety. Is it fair, nope … is it common, YUP! I wrote about something called “interfacial relationships” before. Yes, it’s a real thing. You know that hot guy with the less than attractive girl or vice versa. So what’s the appeal? Well I want to see what you think … this dating question is about trading up or down …

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Dating Question

Something that happens to a lot of people … why would someone trade in a quality partner for one clearly inferior in every way? Or cheat with someone much less attractive than their partner? It happens all the time! Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments below!


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  1. Great question.

    The general answer for men is a new women of interest is more exciting because of the inherent nature of men to search for more. Booty last drawn from the well is never so sweet?

    Also, Looks are not everything in most circumstances. A common mistake of women is the belief that a woman’s looks are everything. Although this may seem true in some abstract way, rarely does it hold true in practice. Most times, personality enhances the attractive nature of a woman of interest. A better-looking woman is sometimes less attractive than a less attractive woman who is really cool.



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