Popular Flowers for Valentines Day: Guest Post

flowers-valentines-dayWe know that Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to shower your partner or current love interest with gifts and flowers can be the way to that special persons heart. But what flowers do you choose?

If your sick of having to make do with that last sad looking bunch available in the store on Valentines Day morning we’re here to help. Buying flowers online is a great way to impress that special someone and if you shop with Fresh Flowers for Valentines Day flowers there’s so much choice, as well as next day delivery available if your short on time.

Most flowers are symbolic for many different reasons so why don’t you give something new a try this Valentines Day and choose flowers that have some meaning behind them. The information below should help you on your way to finding the right flower for your loved one this year.

Popular Flowers for Valentines Day


Roses are definitely a strong favourite when it comes Valentines Day flowers. The iconic flower symbolizes love, romance and passion. They can be given to your valentine in an extravagant dozen or even as a thoughtful single token of love. If the classic red rose feels a little too traditional why not try looking into new varieties. There are over 100 different varieties of roses and they can come in a wide array of different colours from bright oranges to pastel peach and lavender.


Another popular choice, these beautiful flowers represent fidelity and faithfulness. Lilies are a sign of devotion and look great mixed with roses for a nice twist on the classic rose bouquet. Again lilies come in a range of colors, one of the more popular colors would be white but lilies are also available in bright pinks, oranges and purples to name but a few.


Tulips are also an iconic flower for many reasons and different colors of the flower carry different meanings. Yellow colored tulips are said to signify cheerfulness, white suggests forgiveness, purple embodies royalty and a starlet tulip means ‘perfect love’ thanks to Turkish legend.

Gerbera Daisies

Well known for their bright colors these fantastic flowers are perfect to brighten up anybody’s day. A bouquet of gerberas gives the feeling of fun and carelessness and is great if you want your Valentines Day flowers to suit your partner’s happy personality.


Romantic, feminine and utterly beautiful hydrangeas come in many colors from china blue, dusty pink and passionate purple. These flowers look fantastic alone or as part of a bouquet and will fit into most interior settings with ease. Hydrangeas are very popular for weddings due to their lovely hues and as they give the feeling of elegance and luxury. They also look good dry and can be used for an array or decoration in and around the home.


Tropical and exotic it’s no surprise that orchids symbolize sexuality and in some cultures are associated to fertility. Orchids are a great gift for plant lovers as well as avid gardeners who will enjoy taking care of the plant properly. The flower comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes and with so many new varieties constantly being discovered you are sure to find a type of orchid to suit any individual.

When searching for the perfect plant shopping online is often the best idea due to the wealth of choice and information available. If ordering through a reputable retailer you are also guaranteed to receive you favorite flowers in the best condition possible. Shop with Fresh Flowers for Valentines Day flowers either in a bunch or incorporated into a gorgeous arrangement. Hopefully this information will help you with your decision this year and you will find the perfect bouquet that represents your relationship.