Dating Question: What is Your Dating Life Soundtrack?

dating-life-soundtrackI thought we should have a little fun this week!

Does hearing a song on the radio remind you of someone or something in your life? Does your dating life have a soundtrack? I know I can always relate to something on the radio. Songs also make me realize that the dating and love problems we’re dealing with today were really there all along, just in a different form. It got me thinking … does MY dating and love life have a soundtrack?

Ya actually it does … I have to admit, they haven’t always been happy songs but they were songs I could definitely relate to. What songs were those? Well, for starters there is that one person who will always have my heart regardless of what direction life takes us. Those who have been following my writings for a while will know who I’m referring to. I have my own soundtrack just for that person. Some people you will love forever, but it doesn’t mean it will ever be. After you’ve made peace with it, then all you’ve got is the memories and hope for something better. What about those breakups? Some uglier than others, some even inciting hatred. That’s OK … music helps us through it, even if all we need is a good cry. Sexually frustrated? There’s a song for that too!!

Music is therapy … think about it. It helps us through the good, the bad and the ugly of life … it energizes us or relaxes us, it helps us through the day or through the night or through an arduous workout. I read this great article called Music is What Feelings Sound Like and the author was saying that “given the emotionally charged nature of music, it can be an incredibly effective way to express ourselves and cope with challenging life circumstances. Because sometimes life is really hard. Really really hard. Whether it be conflict with family, ending a relationship, or experiencing trauma, we all have moments in which we are brought to our knees with pain, sadness, and confusionmusic is an incredible vehicle for expressing emotions and capturing our internal experience of life. In times of strife or newly-discovered truths, use it to find your true voice.” So whatever you’re doing music helps you through it!

Now … let’s share what our dating life soundtrack is! Come back and check the results and see what others have chosen! Let’s see what the top of our charts will be!! Feel free to add your own as well!!

What is Your Dating Life Soundtrack?

Pick your top 5 and come back to see the top of the charts!

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