Ottawa Dating: First Date Ideas for the Summer (with video)

ottawa-datingWhat makes a great first date? Well, we all know that it’s one that makes you want more … you want to see them again, you don’t want to go home, you can’t stop thinking about kissing them … that’s a great first date! I always say that a first date is not a date, it’s a “stepping stone” to see if you want to actually get to know this person or cut your losses and move on. What’s the secret to a great first date? Frankly, my dear, it’s that you don’t give a damn.

So how do you get from nervous to going with the flow? Well, where you choose to date makes all the difference in the world! Great first dates are minimal cost (because I always advice first dates should be more about getting to know each other and economical), entertaining (gives you something to talk about) and active (not just sitting there sipping your coffee or eating). These components help you REALLY get to know someone in a real way. Ottawa is a great place for first dates! There are countless places to see and things to do that really don’t cost you that much money …

Ottawa Dating: First Date Ideas for the Summer

Here are some of my pics for great first dates in Ottawa that won’t break the bank AND will help you get to know your date in a real way!

Exploring Ottawa Neighborhoods

Grab a coffee/ice cream/cold drink and go for a walk, window shop, people watch or sit at a patio!

Rideau Canal

  • Walk or Rollerblade
  • Watch the boats go through the locks

Parliament Hill

  • Great to walk around during the day
  • Sound & Light show at night (Northern Lights starts July 10)
  • Can take a tour inside

City Tours

What’s better than being a tourist in your own city!? Check out some great ones below …

Sparks Street Festivals / Activities

  • Get messy together at Ribfest 
  • Dance the night away at Latin Sparks
  • Have some off the beaten path fun at the Busker Festival

You can watch my segment on First Date ideas for Ottawa on CTV Ottawa Morning‘s site or by clicking on the picture below. Enjoy!

ottawa-datingREADERS: What are some of YOUR favorite first date spots in Ottawa? Share in the comments below!

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