Dating Question: Is Creeping Your Dates Online Normal?

creeping-dates-onlineRecently, we released an all new SexLoveChat Podcast and had our #SexLoveChat on Twitter about Social Media & Dating. Listen to our podcast when we answered Is online creeping normal? … but we got such varied responses on the chat that I wanted to ask YOU my dear readers … Is creeping your dates online normal? I’ve answered before if I think it’s OK to research your date online and said that it depends on your motivation and intention behind it. So what do YOU think …

Dating Question: Is Creeping Your Dates Online Normal? 

Let us know what you think and feel free to leave a comment or two about your experience!

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  1. This can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for and why. For instance one guy I was going to meet had gone to prison for sexual assault and another was married. I generally search this. The county I live in has a free search where you can look up police records. I found that the guy I’m interested in has gotten arrested on a couple of DUIs and apparently one drug misdemeanor when he was in his 20’s. Honestly, I just looked him up to see if he was married because I knew about these arrests (I found no marriage or divorce records which I doubted I would).

    However I did have a situation recently that does creep me out. When I had an active profile on OkCupid I chatted with this one guy. I really wasn’t interested in him but kept my options open. I never led him on inanyway. Anyway, many months ago he found my Facebook page because of my photo. I told him I don’t friend anyone I don’t know (though have been known to friend people who share a mutual friend, I didn’t share this). I deleted my photo on OkCupid and told him I met someone I want (honestly a truth but we are just friends for now). He started getting creepy saying he’ll never find anyone, etc. Well today in my Facebook page I have another friend request from him. This is actually creepy now. I changed all my photos online and my profile is of one of my favorite shows (think popular animated shows).


  2. Creeping online is normal, this could also depend on when you grew up. I grew up with the internet. I always check LinkedIn, facebook, google, et al before I meet someone new in person. Safety first!


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