Social Media and Dating

Social Media is any online interaction between two or more people using applications such as FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, MySpace and YouTube (to name a few).  I would also add text messaging, BBM and other phone communication to the list.  We’re all familiar with these, as well as a number of others.  But do these applications affect dating? I would say yes, very much so.  In this technological age it’s hard to escape the social media phenomenon, particularly when you are participating in online dating.  The whole concept of online dating stemmed from these social networking programs.  They are a great way to meet new people who are like minded and enjoy the same pastimes.  If you’re looking to meet singles, social media and dating ideal.  Sounds too good to be true? Well, perhaps it is.

Social Media and Dating

Social Media dating makes it easier to connect and harder to lie.  What do I mean by that? Well, think about it … how hard is it to find out about anyone? Just put a name in a search engine and away you go!  You can find out endless things about them.   Like it or not, everyone is traceable one way or another.  How many of you have random people who you don’t know add you to FaceBook?  Twitter?  They find you via some other site you are a member of.  Perhaps you both like eating carrots and are both part of the eating carrot fan club.  Boy sees girl, boy likes girl, boy adds girl to FaceBook and hopes for the best.  It happens all the time!  I’ve met guys like that.  There are a lot of single men and single women online who are looking for love.  Why not find it using Social Media?  Online dating is the same, just in a more controlled environment.

So how to use Social Media to your advantage?  Once you’ve met someone, you want to learn more about them.  I don’t recommend adding someone to FaceBook until you are exclusive.  I’m not saying don’t snoop (you know you do!), but no adding.  You don’t need to know what they are up to all the time.  However, using your smartphone to its full advantage is a good thing.  That’s why I love my BlackBerry (even with all the outage frustrations).  BBM is so helpful when dating … you don’t need to give out your telephone number and you can just delete them and never have to deal with them again if that’s what you want.  You need to go with what you’re comfortable with and for how long you’ll do it for.  I have some men I’ve chatted on BBM with for months before we met.  I still have one since last winter LOL!! But he’s in another city (only 2 hours away) … OK we’re both being lazy!  But you know me and long distance.  You get the point.  Social Media is a good thing when getting to know someone.  Now stop snooping! Ok, I do it too … so go ahead with my blessing 😉 just don’t snoop me!

All you single ladies and single men out there should use all the tools available out there to help you catch the person of your dreams!

Happy Dating!

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