Top 5 Modern Dating Best Practices: Guest Post

Modern-Dating-Best-PracticesTime changes and so do we, that is why you need to stay up to date with modern dating best practices. Although some of these might seem logical, they will make you think and just might challenge your approach to dating. Go Date Now wanted to share their top 5 modern dating best practices to help you get the most out of your dating experiences.

Top 5 Modern Dating Best Practices

1. Paying the Bill

According to the latest surveys of the online dating sites, 41% of women are willing to split the check for the date. Traditionally, men are expected to pay for the date, but it is considered a good practice for a woman to offer to pay her share. Do what makes you feel comfortable and what’s best for the date. Ladies, it’s always polite to offer. Gentlemen, just gauge her reaction if you accept her offer, especially on the first date, you might not get a second date. Avoid this problem by choosing dates that are more economical such as coffee or a drink and a walk.

2. The First 15 Minutes

According to recent surveys, both males and females agreed that you know within the first fifteen minutes whether you have chemistry between you and your date. First impressions do matter! The first time you spend together will make a big impression and usually helps you decide whether there is a spark between you two or not. Of course you need to take first date nervousness into account, but generally you can tell whether you get along and are attracted to them pretty quickly.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

If you don’t feel a spark with someone and aren’t interested in pursuing anything with them, tell them rather than ghosting on them. We’re not insisting on hurting anyone – being thoughtful and polite still matters a lot – but remember one important thing – lying has never helped anyone and can come back to haunt you. Wouldn’t you rather know if your date is on the different track than you? Just be honest with them. Whatever you do decide to do, be kind and respectful, because you never know when you’ll come across them again and it’s a small world, you might want to date someone they know.

4. Take Your Time Before Sex

When asked, most people and experts agreed that you should avoid having sex on a first date (unless you’re only looking for sex) not for moral reasons but for practical ones. Being patient and waiting for more of a connection between you will only enhance your sexual encounter. Taking your time to get to know each other better and knowing where you stand with each other will only make things better. Sex too early could also cloud your judgment about the person you’re dating.

5. Be Social

While it’s great to spend alone time with the person you’re dating, it’s also very important to see them in social situations. This will not only help you assess if they are the right person for you, it will also make you closer because spending time with friends and family strengthens the bond between you. Being social together is also part of relationship growth.

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  1. Agree with all.

    Paying: I’m of the belief the person (regardless of gender) should pay who asks. However when a guy pays I offer for other things like a movie I pay for the popcorn. What I have encountered that will get a guy rejected is when they expect me to pay or pay for them. I’m not offended if I go out and the bill comes and I’ll hand him money.Usually he says he’s paying. I’m not even offended if he takes the money. What is offensive is when he says “you owe this amount”. Tells me he’s not a good guy. Now if we are talking online dating I do cheap dates the first few times to prevent this, like first meeting we meet for a soda and second date/meet we do something like take a walk. That way there is no hard feelings about money. Incidentally most of the guys insisted on paying for my soda.
    The First 15 Minutes. I would generally agree but also people are too quick to judge. I will say though if a guy gives me the creeps that is usually a bad sign. One guy I met was nice but I knew right away wasn’t for me. He felt the same. Meanwhile my one guy friend I am attracted to I liked immediately. He’s not hot but something attracted me.
    Honesty is the Best Policy. This references the guy I just mentioned. He suggested we meet again to take a hike but didn’t seem excited. I wasn’t either. A few days later said he wanted to be honest and say he felt no sparks. I told him I felt the same but was open to meeting again because I thought he was. He then said he was afraid I’d be upset. I’m glad he was honest because what if he hadn’t been? Ironically recently I was surfing the web and came across his Facebook page. I saw his girlfriend and according to the page said they’ve been dating since March 2012 (we met in February)and it got me to think. She’s not prettier or thinner than me which was nice. Also, perhaps they were casually dating when I met him or for all I know have known each other years. All of this makes me feel better that it probably wasn’t a rejection based on looks. I didn’t reject on that either.
    Take Your Time Before Sex. Common sense but I know many who have jumped into bed then wonder why he never called back. The fact is many online just want sex, and if you don’t be careful. I made a vow years ago no sex until we are extremely serious, like engagement or preferably marriage. I’ve gotten hurt by early sex.
    Be Social. One way to see how they are is to see how they act with others. My guy friend I mention I have seen him with his family. While we aren’t a couple to my dismay I’ve seen the good and bad parts of him and he’s really wonderful with his nieces and nephews.


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