Dating Question: How Do You Show Someone You’re Interested?


The number one question people look up on search engines is trying to decipher whether or not someone is interested in them. We’ve all been there, wondering if someone’s actions mean that they are interested in you more than just friends or flirting. So I thought I’d put it out there to my fabulous readers to see if we find any trends. I always say that if someone’s interested in you then you’ll just know and you won’t need to ask because you’re not wondering about it … you KNOW.

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Dating Question: How Do You Show Someone You’re Interested?

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  1. Sorry to be the party-pooper but women and men display interest in very different ways. Sadly women are too subtle for the typical man because men aren’t as observant as women are.


  2. There’s good attention and then there’s bad attention. The good attention would be something like he asks me out, talks to me etc. Bad attention is he’s constantly wanting my attention, won’t take no for an answer, rude if I reject etc. Sadly I get too many of the second kind and it’s not cute. However, I’ve found out several guys liked me but were too shy so they would send very subtle messages hoping I’d pick up but I didn’t.


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