Style Friday: Work to Date – Easy Accessorizing Tips


Accessorizing your look is an important part of looking your best. You should have some signature key items in your fashion arsenal to make you feel sexier and confident. Accessories also give you some comfort as well, like a well-placed scarf or your favorite shoes. Our “Work to Date Outfit” was so popular that we wanted to take it one step further with some additional pro tips because it’s not only about the clothes you wear it’s how you put the finishing touches on, that means accessorizing properly – like why you shouldn’t take your big tote on your date and what to do about it!

Style Friday: Work to Date – How To Accessorize

  • If you use a tote bag for work to fit your lunch, papers, and shoes, be sure to carry a small clutch with your essentials in it like wallet, keys, phone and lipstick. That way when you need to go to a date or anywhere after work you can just pull out that clutch to make any outfit look chic. You do not want to look like a bag lady and carry everything but the kitchen sink when you are out!
  • A scarf is always a good idea. One it is a comfort zone thing. If you are wearing something lower cut and work in a conservative office you can just put a scarf on and simply take it off when you have to go to a date after work. Alternatively, it can work to make an outfit more colorful and add character.
  • Shoes are women’s best friend. It can change a look entirely and actively give confidence. Always an attractive feature. Carry another pair to change your work day outfit into a date night outfit.
  • Continue to do what you feel comfortable with, however, if you do not wear a lot of jewelry then don’t go a put on a bunch of bangles because you feel that is how you can dress up an outfit. You want to enhance you are already are not change.
  • Also, be aware that the way that you present yourself can show what you don’t want. For example, if you wear a scarf wrapped around your neck so tight, inevitably you are showing that you are not open.


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READERS: What do you do when you have a date right after work? How much importance do you give to your accessories? Share your tips in the comments below!

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