Dating Question: Biggest Mistakes People Make When Dating?


What are the biggest mistakes people make when dating? 

We all make dating mistakes, it’s a normal part of the dating process. The important thing is that we realize our mistake, learn from it then pick ourselves up and keep walking on our path to find love. But what are some of the most common mistakes people make when dating? I thought I’d ask my awesome readers what YOU thought! Make sure to return to see the results as they progress!! ALSO Join our LIVE TWITTER chat to discuss Dating Fails on #SexLoveChat TONIGHT (March 16th) 9ET/6PT using this link:

Pick Your TOP 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Dating

READERS: Share your thoughts in the comments below! Are there any big mistakes you see others make, or that you continuously make? 

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  1. All of the above. I think many people either rush into it or make rush judgments. That is to say they decide right away whether they want to see them again. Sometimes this makes sense, like the person is a jerk or poor hygiene but sometimes they are making quick assumptions that are unfair. I also think some people have sex right away or talk marriage. I’ve had guys propose on a first meeting which was creepy and had others expect sex then too. Needless to say I never saw any of those guys again, way too creepy (and no I didn’t have sex, I didn’t even kiss them).


  2. Well there are so many mistakes made by women but there are some secret passwords of Men heart if Women know these password once then love is forever Try to find some secret password of Men hearts I do not think you find them on google Click your mind and understand men heart and never make mistakes never loose ur love.


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