Don’t Play Hard To Get … Be Hard To Forget

How many times have you heard that you need to play hard to get? That in order to keep someone interested you have to make them work for it.  Apparently being too eager and actually showing you’re interested is a bad idea and it scares people off.  So is it true? Does playing hard to get actually work?  Is that the secret to finding your very own happily ever after?  I say NO WAY!!  You don’t need to play hard to get to find lasting love BUT you need to be hard to forget!!

In my latest for eHarmony Canada, I show you how to achieve the dating results you’re looking for not by playing hard to get but by being hard to forget, find out my protips by clicking on the link below to learn more!!

Don’t Play Hard To Get … Be Hard To Forget



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  1. I always hate the comments about playing hard to get. My experience has been when I played hard to get the guys I liked gave up. Meanwhile the guys I didn’t like (and I wasn’t playing hard to get, telling them I was not interested) thought I was playing hard to get and pursued me though I made it clear this would never change. I’m not saying of course bending over backwards, but being yourself.


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