Popularity of Online Dating: Guest Post


Browsing through modern dating sites is one of the most popular leisure activities among singles who are looking for new acquaintances or a romantic partner. Online dating helps connect hearts and people all over the world who are consciously looking for a partner and are ready for commitment and potentially married life.

Popularity of Online Dating

Those who are willing to make an effort to change their lives leave loneliness behind and try their luck at various dating websites. Many beautiful ladies are looking for love online for a committed relationship with the hopes of potentially finding a future husband.

Large databases of singles empower anyone finding someone special and compatible with similar life expectations and values for creating meaningful bonds. The greatest benefit of finding love online is the ability to check your compatibility before meeting in real life. Firstly, the personal profile will tell you a lot about your person of interest: education level, hobbies, future plans, etc. While chatting online you both will be able to clarify your expectations in order to decide whether you want to date in real life.

Online dating has been around since the beginning of internet era and after all these years remains one of the best solutions for lonely people finding a potential mate. It is well known that 1 in 5 relationships start online, with each year this number is growing.

The main purpose of all online dating networks lies in helping people let go of loneliness and find companionship. Both young and old generations spend time in virtual dating environment. All people want to escape from loneliness, emotional or physical, as it creates void and makes us unhappy.

Why should we all avoid loneliness?

Loneliness has a harmful effect on our health because it lessens the quality of sleep as well as maintains high stress levels. It can also lead to weight loss and cause changes in cardiovascular, hormonal or immune systems.

Mental health is affected by emotional isolation as risk of depression and suicide is increasing. Singles find it hard dealing with stressful situations but also overcoming negative thinking. Pessimistic perceptions of the world might be overwhelming and a person is no longer able to cope with emotions.

Happiness, on the other hand, brings peace and harmony at the same time making us attractive for everyone around.

How to be irresistible and attract people

We all want to feel mutual attraction with the person we are interested in along with creating a comfortable environment for communication. One of the most important traits that increase the possibility of becoming friends or starting a romantic relationship as well as maintaining already existing intimate bond is kindness because being kind makes each partner feel cared for. Among other qualities that attract people are:

  • Great sense of humor is attractive for both men and women. It helps to relax the mood. It is well-known that women prefer a man who makes them laugh; men, in turn, like women who laugh at their jokes.
  • It is proven that being liked triggers an attraction, so you need to be sure that a person you like is aware of your infatuation with him/her.
  • Playing hard to get could work with balance. You must be careful and know boundaries – you have to be enthusiastic about the person you’re with and not so easy at the same time.
  • Self-esteem along with conscientiousness play a great part in perceiving ourselves to be attractive for other people. Only people with personal integrity and confidence can attract a quality partner.
  • Happiness is attractive. We all want to be happy and with this aim in mind we tend to choose someone who makes us laugh and forget about our troubles.

The beginning of a romantic relationship is a happy time that fills us with hope and creates a climate with trust and intimacy. It is vital to create a lifelong relationship that will be filled with friendship, joy, love.

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  1. I have considered trying it again but after my last few experiences am leery. As a religious (devout Catholic)who has never been married, has no kids and is educated I sought out someone like that. Certain traits aren’t as important (if he’s not religious not a biggie as long as he’s not anti religion. I don’t care if he’s educated as long as he has a high school diploma). Other traits are essential (he must be childless, only exceptions are widowed and adopted as a single dad but those have restrictions). I met a few guys fitting these but there were no sparks. Meanwhile, the guys who contacted me were the exact opposite of what I was seeking (had kids and an ex, multiple kids by several women they didn’t marry, multiple marriages, etc, much older, etc). The guys who would seem like great choices would end up being freaks.

    I wonder where are the guys I seek, are they even on dating sites, or are they too busy to care? Or are they such a small number that finding them is hard? I know there are guys like what I seek, I know many in real life. However, these are guys that aren’t boyfriend potential for a reasons (including being relatives). I have a friend who does fit what I seek but he’s a mess now.


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