Being Competitive and Dating After Divorce


I recently appeared on the Gutsy Geek podcast. We spoke about how important competitive dating is and how to get back into the dating game after a divorce.

You can listen to the podcast here – Being Competitive and Dating After Divorce

Rami, the Gutsy Geek, helps guys get the girl. He uses his first passion, video gaming, as he helps men navigate the dating world using clever gaming analogies. You really need to check his stuff out.

He also has an online dating course for anyone wanting to “Level Up Your Dating”. I highly recommend it! It’s a unique way of finally achieving your dating goals. More information here – LEVEL UP YOUR DATING: YOUR A-Z COURSE IN DATING, CONVERSATION & CONFIDENCE FOR MEN

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  1. I’m not divorced but those of you who are recently divorced, please heal before contacting people. I’m generally not open to divorced men in general but for some reason attract recently divorced bitter men. It’s not attractive to be bitter. Also, if you have children, realize you aren’t as worthwhile as you were. Yes that stinks and it’s cruel but to women like me, divorced dads (especially recently divorced dads) are damaged goods. If you are a divorced dad please concentrate on yourself for a bit, and your kids, then seek out like minded women also with kids.

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