Reset Each Day [Lessons Learned]

Don’t you wish you could just press “reset” on your day? We ALL do. Sometimes when I look back, I cringe at the mistakes I made. We all know that not all days go as planned. That’s a given. However, what we do with our bad day or bad choices means a lot more than the mistake itself. Learn from it. Commit to doing better. Live a new life each new day. Anything is possible so never give up hope that good things are out there for you!

How to reset each day:

  • Don’t overthink about past mistakes, focus on how to live differently.
  • Be grateful for the experiences and lessons learned from mistakes made.
  • Don’t define yourself by who you were.
  • Live life forward.
  • Commit to doing better.

Show of hands, who’s done things they’re NOT proud of? Make no mistake, my hand is WAY up. As I was growing and learning more about myself I stumbled, sometimes harder than other time, but I stumbled a lot. Each time, I nursed my wounds, learned what I did wrong, then got back up again, dusted myself off and kept walking. Did I ever repeat the mistake? Sure did! But I kept learning more and more about myself and why I kept doing it and then eventually stopped.

While we all may experience life differently, we all experience the same struggles in life. We ALL struggle. What sets us apart is what we do with our experiences. Some just leave it in the past and keep moving, some learn from it and never repeat it, while others dwell and live there forever instead of growing. However, growth is so important in life. We need to use what we’ve learned to do better tomorrow. You CAN get it right. Pay attention and learn each day and you will do better and be better.

One. Step. At. A. Time.