Top 5 Dating Experts on Instagram [Feature Friday]

As most of you know, I’ve spent the past ten years dishing out dating stories and dating advice, helping singles navigate the dating world. Although, I’ve always maintained that successful dating starts with each individual’s personal development, dating advice is also very important, especially with the ever more complex dating environment. On my journey I have encountered many other fabulous experts too, some, really stood out from the crowd. What I love about them is that they are very authentic on their social media with their focus primarily on helping others achieve their dating success.

I wanted to share with you, my readers, the top 5 dating experts that really stand out to me in the image obsessed world of Instagram. They aren’t about the image, they’re about helping others, which is totally my jam. They always have SOLID quality advice and can really help you achieve your goals of finding love. There are countless dating experts out there and there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” dating advice guidebook, but these experts, from my experience, are the real deal!

Please check out their accounts and give them some love!

Name / AccountWhy I like them
Dr. Wendy Walsh
Dr. Walsh is a talented relationship expert with a background in psychology. She answers questions you were always wondering about from a psychological perspective – why men pull away, how to cut off a relationship, how to know if they like you, making the first move, casual sex, etc, etc. Her valuable messages are easy to follow, relatable and right to the point.
Amie Leadingham
As a certified relationship coach, Amie helps singles take charge of their dating life with daily motivation on her social media and her various workshops. Her messages center around empowering singles which in turn helps them find quality love. Her daily inspirations are a must read if you’re feeling less than confident about your single and dating life.
Tinzley is a phenomenal speaker and coach empowering singles to date “settle free”. Her no nonsense approach and humor is a breath of fresh air. She truly cares for her readers and her messages reflect her ideals of finding the right partner and not just any partner. Self respect and confidence is the key to a happier you, Tinzley helps you get there.
Erika Ettin
Erika is a dating coach that specializes in helping you navigate the online dating world. She shares various profile hits and misses as well as her client interactions. Her approach demonstrates what works and what doesn’t as well as why. Online dating can be daunting but advice from people like Erika help make it a more positive experience.
Matthew Hussey
Matthew is a well known name in the dating advice business. His book as well as his YouTube channel have propelled him in the dating world as a renowned expert on various popular media outlets. His advice is real world, relevant and makes you reconsider why you do what you do and make the choices you make. Following his advice will definitely put you on the road to dating success.
Honorable MentionsThe Dating Doula: @thedatingdoula
Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis: @matchmakermaria
The Fairy Godfather: @the_fairy_godfather

Each and every person’s dating journey is unique to them. When dating you bring all your experiences, good and bad, to the table and see others with that lens. With the right guidance you can succeed at dating by approaching it in the best way possible.

Love yourself, know who you are and what you have to offer – single or attached. You aren’t looking for your other half because you’re not a half, you’re a whole – so seek out love from that lens. Keep in mind as well that you might not be a catch for all, you will be the golden prize for the right person. Don’t settle for less!

Would you add any other experts to the list? Let us know in the comments what makes them awesome!