Build Confidence [Be a Rockstar]

  • Confidence in yourself means knowing you are great at something, you feel good about who you are and what you are bringing to the table.
  • When you are self-confident, you always have something good to say about yourself rather than always putting yourself down or comparing yourself to others.
  • Body language counts too. Self-confident people have a different energy and presence. They make eye contact and keep a straight back.
  • You need to be proud of everything that you have achieved. It could seem a small thing to you, but any achievement counts towards building your self-esteem. Maybe you have baked something awesome and unique or you have written something or maybe accomplished a difficult task.
  • Overcoming adversity always helps build your self-confidence. Challenges are all around us and they build our resiliency and ability to deal with whatever life throws at us.
  • Surrounding yourself with good people who lift you up but also help you grow out of your insecurities helps a lot. Keep away from those that tear you down or bring out parts of you that are contrary to your values.
  • We hear a lot that exercise / being active actually helps build self-confidence because it releases happy feel good hormones. So get off your tushy!
  • You get better at doing stuff by the doing of the stuff. So, to build your confidence by actually increasing your skill set of what you feel you’re lacking.
  • You are in control of your confidence. Take back your power and lift yourself up. You ARE somebody. You ARE worthy. Believe it.
  • In the end, be patient and kind to yourself. Embrace your imperfections with positive self-talk and use your perceived flaws to lift you up instead of bring you down.

TRY THIS: Make a board / collage visually listing things that you KNOW you are good at and that you love about yourself and those who have had a positive impact. Post it and keep reminding yourself.

POST IT NOTE: Self-Confidence is my Superpower

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