Perfectly Imperfect [Lessons Learned]

We are, each and every one of us, perfectly imperfect. Yes, I do use the words perfect and imperfect at the same time because imperfections IS perfect in every way. It is who we all are and we need to embrace our imperfections as a part of who we have become, over time, including all the messy parts.

No two people are the same, neither are their journeys or experiences. Embrace your own journey without comparing it to others’ experiences because just as no two snowflakes, grains of sand or birds are the same, neither are we. Stop expecting perfection from yourself and others. Instead, let us all walk together in our own uniqueness and imperfection laying the foundation of love wherever we go.

How to be perfectly imperfect:

  • Love who you have become including the messy parts.
  • Appreciate your humanness including your flaws.
  • Take each experience in your life and use it as leverage.
  • Find the good in your perceived flaws.
  • Help others by sharing your story.
  • Realize that no one and nothing is perfect, even nature.

  • “Imperfection is perfection.” [Flume] and I would agree. We are all perfect in our imperfections because these imperfections are perfect for us. They ARE us. We should celebrate them.
  • Embracing and even celebrating your imperfections is really about accepting everything as it is now, including yourself.
  • You need to love everything about yourself – yes, even your rolls, wrinkles, bruises, scars, aches and pains, silliness and mistakes.
  • Who has to say what is perfect anyway? It is relative and subjective. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone is going to appreciate you, just as you will not appreciate everyone. The important thing is that you appreciate yourself.
  • We have all made mistakes in our life, but those missteps have led us to where we are now, who we are now, regardless of the imperfection that resulted.
  • Whether your flaws or imperfections are physical, mental, emotional or experiential, you can embrace them and appreciate them, use them to your advantage.

I recently read this article about the steps to embrace your imperfections that I wanted to share with you:
1. Find the positive side of your flaws (shift self-perception / perspective)
2. Realize that your imperfections make you human (let go of the need to conform to any unrealistic standards)
3. Take inspiration from art (which is rarely perfect, neither is nature)
4. Focus on flow instead of perfection (set realistic goals rather than perfect ones)
5. Surround yourself with positive voices (those who accept you as you are – flaws and all)
6. Use your imperfections to help others (sharing your experience with others who are struggling helps you embrace your own imperfections)

Expecting perfection from yourself or others is unrealistic. Instead, live a more authentic life and celebrate who you are, be confident in who you are and appreciate each person you meet for who they are not what you would like them to be.

POST IT NOTE: I let go of my need for perfection

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