I Will Be a Beacon of Love [Monday Mantra]


What’s a “beacon”? It’s a signal to others for safety (like a lighthouse for example). Being a beacon of love means projecting love and light in everything you do, everything you say. We all have an inner light (whether we realize it or not) and we are meant to shine it out to others. This is why we’re called to pull from that inner light to help others, to leave others better than we found them. I certainly know the world isn’t unicorns and rainbows, but despite the darkness and ugliness we see we have to have the courage to stand up and shone our own light in the darkness.

I read something recently that I wanted to share. The article affirmed that we are a source of light and that “every single day, we have endless opportunities to be a beacon. We are being a beacon every time we get through a challenging conversation … every time we stretch ourselves and speak our truth … every time we take off the mask and allow ourselves to be real … every time we smile, we love, we accept, we connect … every time we allow ourselves to be human and therefore imperfect.” I LOVE THIS!! Talk about powerful words! Being a beacon of love is a CHOICE we must make each and every day.

The author goes on to say that this is possible if you recognize the three pillars to being a beacon: keeping your inner light shining bright by choosing to connect with your beacon of light and love, recharging your inner light by bringing light in by practicing daily self-care including finding ways of bringing more joy and light in, sharing your light with others by projecting your light and love to others with your actions, words and example.

Your inward and outward actions can be so powerful. You do and can have much more impact on the world than you can ever imagine. CHOOSE to be a beacon of love. The world needs it now more than ever before.

This week’s mantra:
“I will be a beacon of love.”

Write it down. Repeat it. BELIEVE IT!