Upgrade Your Life [Be a Rockstar]

  • We all want free upgrades, but most good things of value come with a price.
  • Upgrading your life is about stepping into the unknown from the known. Taking a chance, a step out of your comfort zone. Be ok with the discomfort of change.
  • While it can be scary, it will be extremely rewarding and will increase your confidence and self-worth.
  • Start by raising your standards – internally and externally. Expecting more from yourself and others in your life brings value to all.
  • Make goals for yourself – what you want to achieve, where you want to be and set out a plan on how to achieve them. Want a better job? Want to find love? Want to buy a house? All great goals, now for the how …
  • Aristotle wrote, “Excellence is not a single act, it’s a habit” so in order to upgrade your life you need change how you do things, your environment and routines.
  • Self-care is also an important part of this. Optimal health and well-being gives you the stamina to keep going. When you feel crappy you do crappy things. Feeling good gives you the energy to keep going.
  • Self-care also includes doing the inner work – elevating yourself from the inside out. This consists of letting go, forgiving (yourself and others), working on your mental health, creating (and enforcing) boundaries, seeking out help if you need it.
  • Failure IS an option and it is totally ok. Embrace failure as a lesson learned and move forward. Do not be discouraged by it.
  • Upgrading your life takes work but is ultimately worth it because you will get where you need and want to be and you will have earned it.

TRY THIS: Live for today and work hard for tomorrow. Learn a new skill, enhance yourself, and seek out opportunities for growth.

POST IT NOTE: I will embrace my excellence

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