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So, let’s start at the beginning … because I would like things to remain confidential for everyone concerned, I thought of a creative way to speak about each of my adventures.  I am going to go through all the letters of the alphabet … I wonder if once I get to “Mr. Z” I’ll find my ideal man!  Just who is my ideal man?  Well he’s an attractive, successful, ambitious alpha male.  He has to be strong because I have a very strong personality.  Ok, so as I mentioned before, I welcome your stories and you can email them to me to and your name and the names of those involved will be kept confidential … ok let’s get to it …

Back to Bachelor number 1, or as I would like to call him, Mr. A … Mr. A was my first intrigue after my husband and I separated.  I was at a retail store and he walked in.  Tall, dark and handsome.  Seriously.  He looked my way and I flashed him my million dollar smile.  I didn’t think much of it.  I did my shopping and he was paying at the cash.  I turn around and he was there beside me.  He was nervous and shy (a big turn off since I am all about the “alpha male”).  He said he “usually doesn’t do this” but he thought I was so pretty and wanted to say hello.  So I said hello.  We chatted for a bit and exchanged numbers.  I thought, why not.  We chatted a bit and went out for lunch.  But I just wasn’t feeling it, but he certainly was.  He proceeded to text me non stop all day every day.  I just couldn’t handle it, so I told him I needed a break.  He freaked out and became very weird with me … asking what he did wrong, asked if we’ll ever speak again, said how perfect we were for each other … all in a freakishly aggressive way … he became a little schitzo with me.  That was my cue to not pursue any further conversations with him.  He seemed to get the hint after a few tries, but a few months later he sent me a message asking me “why did we stop speaking”? I didn’t respond.

Mr. B.  What can I say about Mr. B.  Well, I had decided to pursue online dating.  I thought, at the very least I would meet some new people and see what was out there.  So I went on and found a plethora of “available” men. Many of which (I found out later)were actually married and creeping on the side.  So Mr. B seemed really nice, we really seemed to have a lot in common.  He was out of town working for a few months, which I thought was great, this way we could get to know each other before meeting.  We chatted every day online (skype) and by text message.  Although things seemed good, I had a nagging feeling that there was something not right, that perhaps he was attached.  But I continued chatting with him despite my “feeling”.  So as time went on, I decided to do some “investigation”.  I did some Google and FaceBook searches, nothing.  I asked around, nothing.  Then one day I was searching for new friends on FaceBook and went to my email contacts and there was his email attached to a FaceBook account … the account was in the name of a woman with his last name and she was married to someone with his name!  SOB! So next time we chatted, he acted normal and then I asked him how his wife was.  He said he wasn’t married.  I said, “no, then please say hi to ‘julie'”.  He logged out of Skype and I have never seen him since! LOL … see ladies, listen to your intuition!

Well that’s all for today 🙂 I have lots more stories … see you soon!  Looking forward to hearing some of your stories 🙂

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