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Back to the Future … what does that really mean … well for my next installment, I will be speaking about my blast from the past, otherwise known as the “ex”.  Not just any “ex” … you know the one … your first love … the one that got away.  You think back and see how he really was your best match.  How could you have let him slip through your hands?  OK … now back to reality!

The infamous Mr. C.  He was this “ex” I was referring to. I was 20, he was in his 30’s.  He was so much older and knew so much more of the world.  He was handsome and a total “alpha” male.  He was a struggling musician, which, at the time, I thought was the coolest thing EVER.  We were together just over a year.  We were “in love” … everything was cloud 9.  He promised me the world.  When he made it he would buy us a villa in the Caribbean.  When he made it we would travel the world.  WHEN he made it.  Time went on and things were good.  The age difference, however, started to show. The age difference became too much and we grew apart.  It was devastating, but time heals all wounds, right?  He always crossed my mind but I never made any attempt at contact.

So anyway, we hadn’t talked for almost 15 years.  One day, I get a message on FaceBook, it was him.  He wanted to add me as a friend.  Wow … what do I do?  Out of curiosity, and holding on to the “dream” from my youth, I accepted.  So we started chatting and catching up.  I told him about my failed marriage and he told me about the girlfriend he was breaking up with.  He said he always thought of me, and I said the same.  It seemed like fate … destiny.  So we decided to meet up for a drink.  We met and then I soon realized this man had not changed in 15 years, not only physically, but literally has not changed.  He still was a struggling musician, he still lived in the same apartment, he still ate the same food at the same time, drank the same drink, hung out at the same places with the same people, but was still as sexy as ever … so I decided why not.  He still loved me, and I still loved him.  I went to his shows, helped him promote (because of my public relations background), we spent lots of time together.  It was great … well sort of.

We reconnected, it seemed like it was just like old times.  But then it was just like old times.  I forgot how irresponsible he was, I forgot that struggling musicians were always broke.  He still didn’t have a car, so I had to drive everywhere.  He didn’t have an agenda, so was always doing things on the fly, including spending time with me.  But of course not his shows.  He would constantly remind me how much he loved me but his music came first.  He was gonna make it and soon!  Now, where did I hear that before? Wait a minute, I’m in my 30’s, have a good job and a nice house … what am I doing with this guy? He’s almost 50 and acts like he’s 20!

So after I woke up from my self induced dream, I realized that this just wasn’t for me.  So I decided it would be best if we just remained friends … and that we are.  He tries often to re-connect but now I know better.  On to bigger and better … right?

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  1. Yeah I was gonna say… He must be near 50 now. This is prob y he went for a 20 year old, no woman his age would want that. Good move letting him go!


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