Hey Big Daddy ;)

So can you guess what I’ll be talking about today? Yes, you guessed it … men with kids … aka Big Daddy Dating Syndrome (BDDS).  These are the guys who have kids, whether through marriage or through an “oops” situation.  Most are good dads, spend time with their kids, which is admirable because let’s face it, who needs a dead beat dad?  So being in my 30’s I figured, ok, since my options are somewhat limited, a guy with kids is a possibility.  It’s not like I’m selfish and want him all to myself.  Not that I would want to be a replacement mamma or deal with a crazy baby mamma, but hey, it’s worth a try, no?  Well, as you will see, perhaps I should have stayed at home instead!

Mr. D was someone I met online.  He wasn’t exactly my type physically, but was super sweet and genuine, which is rare.  He was also full of compliments and he liked to have normal conversations about normal “getting to know you” topics  (Those of you on dating sites know what I mean).  We started chatting more and more often and decided to meet.  (just as a freaky aside, he just now texted me out of the blue to say hi! LOL! were his ears ringing I wonder).  Ok, back to my story.  So we met for coffee and immediately I became his special case.  He was determined to save me from a life of loneliness and bitterness (who said I was lonely and bitter).  Ok, I admit, I did mention I am skeptical about big love stories and “true love” but in no way was I a special case.  Well he spent most of the time speaking about his child (an oops child) and all the time he spends with the child and what they do, etc… Ok, seriously? Um this is a date, shouldn’t you be concentrating on me? LOL … oh well, between his trying to nurture and save me and talking about his child, the date was a disaster, I couldn’t wait to leave.  So after a hug goodbye, we (I) decided we would just be friends.  The occasional hello, how are you on text and all is good.  Not that he’s a bad guy, just felt too clausterphobic with him.  He’s a hero type that needs to save the world one bitter and lonely girl at a time … if anyone has been singing “I need a hero” lately, I have the man for you!

Now on to Mr. E! Wow, Mr. E … started our conversations by telling me he had a hard penis.  Ok, intriguing I thought.  But seriously, was that what he was saying?  Well it was a “play on words” joke kind of thing … I don’t know … it was in French … LOL … I decided he had a sense of humor and I like to laugh.  Now he was another “oops” baby daddy.  He “oops’d” twice with the same girl in a matter of a couple years even though they weren’t together.  Hmmm … sure.   Anyway, he was cute, nice, funny, so I said why the hell not.  What’s a coffee between friends?  So we made a date, and he had to cancel last minute because he forgot it was his turn to pick up his kids at the daycare.  Ok, fine, no problem.  Next date was set, he had to cancel last minute because he had to drive his kids somewhere.  Ok … um, not so fine, but he apologized a million times, so after giving him a lecture about using an agenda I said fine.  Date number three … well you know where this is headed, so needless to say, it’s a no go with this guy!

That’s all for now folks … but stay tuned, more Big Daddys to come …

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I love this blog! Mister E is … Well I think I know what the E stands for!

    PS Skip the guys w kids. Who wants other peoples’ kids lol


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