Ciao Bello … Dating the Italian Stallion

As the days go by, and I reflect on all the dates gone by, I realize that it has truly been an intersting ride.  What better way to get to know yourself and others than to spend time with them.  I don’t agree with those people who don’t feel dating various people is necessary.  I think it’s ESSENTIAL.  How else do you know what you like or not like.  My ex husband was one of those “nice guys” who fit into the “expectations” box.

Drama free, decent, nice family, blah blah blah … but was definitely not what I needed or wanted.  He wasn’t mr. right, he was mr. right then and there and then became mr. not right at all.  But lessons learned, I know what I want and I won’t settle for less.  Been there, done that.  But the path getting there is fun … don’t you agree? Well most of the time!  Anyway, back to what I don’t want, and that’s a man with kids.  Just don’t want to go there.  Here is another reason why …

Mr. F … or otherwise known as the Italian Stallion … very attractive, fit, accent, full of energy, talked too much (oh boy did he talk too much!) but I liked spending time with him.  He was fun to hang around with and work out with.  He had a very good heart.  He was divorced from his wife and they have a young daughter.  His daughter was his life.  So was his ex wife.  She cheated on him with four other guys and he kept going back to her.  She even has a boyfriend now that lives with her.  I kept wondering, if she cheated that much what was wrong with him?  You might not agree, but I believe if you are completely satisfied at home, you don’t go looking for it elsewhere.  Just like if your stomach is full, the buffet looks gross.  Anyway, I digress. 

So this guy was great, we spent lots of time together.  Cooked dinner, had good wine, good food, good coffee (he taught me the art of making espresso).  He had lots of goals for his life, but he was a dreamer not an accomplisher.  And the talking, the TALKING! it got too much, but it wasn’t just the talking, it was the subject.  His daughter. He missed his daughter.  He wanted to have her full time.  His daughter cried when he dropped her off at her mom.  His daughter liked this food and that drink.  His daughter liked barbie.  His daughter was an angel.  He cried when he talked about his daughter.

Then he would talk about his ex.  How his ex did this and that, how he loved her … still loves her.  How he wishes they were still together (for the sake of his daughter of course).  He missed home.  He missed his family.  But he didn’t want to leave his daughter.  His daughter was his life, his reason for living, his connection to his ex.  This guy needed therapy … and I wasn’t going to give it to him!  I’m not heartless, I felt for him, but this just wasn’t for me.

Regardless of his good qualities, I was getting a headache, and he was still hung up on his dream of the perfect family that he lost sight of reality.  Besides, he always reminded me how he liked blond blued eyed women like his ex wife (I’m a red head).  He even hit on a women when we were out one night, he said it was just for fun.  Ya right!  That was the last straw.  So I invited him over for dinner and made his favorite food with his favorite wine and favorite music and dumped his ass.

Ciao Bello!

Some things are certainly not worth your time … this was one of them!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Too funny! But not so funny when guys talk too much about their exs, their kids or even their mothers who are extremely present in their lives. Not to say on a daily basis, even more… Lol!

    Good blog! Anxious to read dating stories soon!


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