My Aventures in Online Dating Land

Not to be confused with Disney Land … although, you do find your fair share of characters … now that I think of it, it’s true, it is like some sort of comical fantasy playground of sorts.  On the one end, you have your evil villains.  You know the ones, the mean, aggressive ones who think they are better than you and feel it’s YOUR privilege to talk to them and satisfy their every whim.  You’ve got a small percentage of the normal Mickey Mouse types who are nice guys but, you know, blah.  Then on the other end you’ve got the clumsy and pathetic, the Donald Ducks or, God forbid, the Goofy.  So you need to decide where you fit in and which kind of guy you want to play with in the playground.  I tend to enjoy the evil villain types.  Yes, I will admit it.  What fun is dating otherwise?  Ok I will admit it gets me into trouble, but I’m a sort of adrenaline junkie.  If it doesn’t excite me and keep me wondering then it’s not worth my time.  My ex husband was off the charts in anti-social non-excitement, but that’s another story.

Since my marriage ended over a year ago I’ve used online dating sites on and off.  More for fun than anything else.  Like everyone else I wanted to see what was out there.  I wanted to play in the playground too! By signing up you automatically increase your chances of a date, that is, depending how selective you are.  So I found a couple decent and recent pictures of myself and wrote up a  little about me and what I’m looking for and sent it out there.  Almost immediately I got lots of responses from all types.  I have to admit it’s good for the ego.  Who doesn’t like to be told they are gorgeous, hot and a vision (even if they don’t mean it and just want to get into your pants).  Let me tell you it feels GREAT especially after being in a marriage that knocked my confidence to the pits of hell.  Going through those messages and going through some profiles of interest, I started interacting with some of the guys.  Some seemed like potentials, others were instant deletes.  Here are some adventures I had in Online Dating Land … I will speak about my online interactions, not guys I actually met in person.  We’ll save that for another day 🙂

When someone goes online they have the advantage of being behind a computer screen.  This means they don’t always show their true self.  You can analyze it to death and say it’s because of their self-confidence, blah blah blah.  To me, if I am putting myself out there and showing my true self and being honest, I expect the same.  So I took it upon myself to weed out the losers.

First guy I talked to seemed alright.  He didn’t start by professing his undying love for me, he actually wanted to chat.  Sounds good.  Ended up being married and was looking for someone to listen to his problems.  No thanks. Next! A guy who thought I was great, just what he was looking for and asked if we could chat, I said ok.  He opens his cam and there he is masturbating.  Oh joy! BLOCK!  Next! The next one was looking for a friend with benefits … um no thanks.  Next! A guy who wanted me to join in a threesome with his other friend … hmm interesting … no no … Next! A guy who’s pictures are ALL with other girls. Next! A guy who distorted all his pics with swirls LOL. Next! ok I was getting tired! Next! Mr. Charming model looking type.  Had various pictures of himself, so seemed legit.  Thought I was hot, he had just moved here from Spain.  We made a date (it was a quiet lonely Saturday night so I agreed).  He sent me many message to make sure I was gonna be there, he really wanted to meet me.  Even about 30 minutes before the date he sent a message to confirm.  OK I’ll be there.  So I was there, waited, waited, waited … waited 25 minutes and then left.  I thought maybe I would have a “sorry” message, but nothing.  I sent him a message asking why he didn’t show up and he never responded.  So I told him what I thought of him and blocked him.  Loser! Next! What’s with the ALL talk and NO ACTION types? Geez! Playground people, playground!

So the next guy seemed ok … he shared my interest in museums and history.  So we chatted about that.  It seemed nice.  Ok, maybe my luck was changing … ok well we know better!  So we chatted for a couple of weeks, it seemed great!  So we decided to meet in person.  However, he wanted to tell me one thing that he needed to clear with me before we met.  A fetish he had that was important to him.  Ding ding … my alarms were raised.  Ok, can you guess what it was? I’ll bet you NEVER will guess.  I’ll tell you next time … send me your guesses on @singledatingdiv on Twitter or by email (

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

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