One Date Wonders

Welcome Back … nice to have you join me … thanks to all the great feedback I have been receiving.  I am very happy you are enjoying my stories.  Some asked if they were true, and yes, they are all true, no exaggeration.  I have just left out names and places for confidentiality reasons.  Today’s blog is about One Date Wonders.  What are one date wonders you ask?  Well these are guys who pursue you and end up being rewarded with a date with you and then never call back, even if the date is successful.  I have always wondered what it was.  Was it the thrill of the chase? Were they just pretending to enjoy themselves?  Did they find someone else? Maybe they are just playing the field.  Who the hell knows!  For me, I like to be quite reasonable on the first date.  Drinks (glass of wine) or coffee (regular not fancy).  I never offer to pay, but since I’m reasonable it shouldn’t be an issue.  I do insist a guy open the door for me and chivalry IS important to me, but I don’t want a hero riding up on a white horse (although a white sports car is nice! LOL).

So, back to my stories.  Mr. H.  I should call him Mr. Hot !  He was very good looking and sexy.  I met him online (yes, I re-activated my account on a bored and lonely night).  He too thought I was hot … I decided early on that I would be going on a date with him, for sure!  So we chatted for a bit and he seemed so incredibly interested.  Everything I said was gold.  He couldn’t believe his luck … he finally met someone that “got” him.  I found him very interesting, we enjoyed speaking about our travel adventures and exploring different towns in the Caribbean.  Great, I thought, good looking, educated, good job, enjoy speaking to him … what more could I ask for (a second date! LOL).  Anyway, he finally asked me out for a drink.  We decided to go for martinis at a place downtown.  We met, and it was great.  We just took our online connection and moved it offline without skipping a beat.  As I was sitting there with him I decided wow, I could see myself with this guy.  The night ended with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and a promise to do something that weekend.  So, as you of course know, there was not something that weekend, there was no something ever.  No call, no response … nothing.  Um … ok?  I made sure I smelled and looked nice, I put my best foot forward … what went wrong?  I guess I’ll never know!

As I move on to Mr. I … I will tell you this guy was definitely mr. nice … mr. real … felt it was important to be open and honest from the beginning.  Sure, I said, I am always open and honest, I have nothing (much) to hide.  So we started chatting and things went well.  He travels a lot for work, so it wasn’t consistent chatting, but it was often.  Cool I thought, I like a guy who does his own thing, because I am very independant and like my personal space.  We had good conversation, it flowed easily and was engaging.  So we finally, after a couple weeks, make a date.  He ends up cancelling because of a work committment.  I said ok, no worries, we set up another date and, even though he shows up 10 minutes late, he shows up.  It was great.  We actually hit it off, three hours went by and we didn’t even feel it.  I would have definitely classified that date as a success.  We left off with a hug and a “we’ll do this again soon”.  Again, never heard back from him.  Never.  But it was good, I don’t get it.

Finally, Mr. J … he was someone I went to high school with.  He chased me ALL throughout high school.  He would corner me in the library trying to get a kiss.  He would follow me around wanting a date.  I wasn’t interested.  I’m not into pushy guys who are clingy and he was DEFINITELY that.  So one day several years later we run into each other.  He was a DJ for a local station and still had a BIG thing for me.  I was the “one who got away” … he couldn’t believe his luck running into me again!  So I decided ok why not give it a chance.  We exchanged numbers and set a date to go out.  We went out for a drink and he tried getting me drunk (good thing I can take my tequila!).  Anyway, he drove me home, we had a kiss and set a date for the next week, but he said he would call me the next day.  Did he? NOPE! I never heard from him again! I guess I wasn’t interesting anymore … it was totally about the chase.

You know what? I just decided you win some and you lose some … it is what it is.  I always put my best foot forward on a first date and really if a guy doesn’t want more of me, then I’m on to the next … hmm usually I already am on to the next without waiting for that phone call now that I think of it … but that’s another story!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. To reflect on your chase theory, what about the ones that keep on reaching you via “chat” and eventullay via phone and insist in meeting you, fix a date, and…. never show up?

    And as expected, they don’t get in touch with you after that fiasco! But I could not resist sending an email saying: “It was meeting you”!

    What I have learn is to spend less time “chatting” and meet the individual if deemed interesting and worth my time. If they don’t show up, better no now that is a coward. So he or they made me a huge favor from the beginning.

    Flush! Next!


  2. I experience this a lot. The date goes well, there are promises of a next date, etc. Then poof! So frustrating! Then again I do that lol. Except… I don’t beg for a date. Lol they do!


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