Exploring Puma-hood

So what’s a Puma? No I don’t mean the animal … although, it could be an intriguing way to look at it.  So, Urban Dictionary defines a “Puma” as “a woman who is not quite old enough to be a cougar, but still likes to date/mate with younger men”.  Usually a Puma is a woman in her 30’s, maybe 40’s … older than that then she’s a cougar.  So back to my Puma-hood.  Something new I discovered being single in my 30’s was that automatically I am an “older woman” to guys who are legal to date.  When you’re in your 20’s, a younger man would be a teenager, and that’s just wrong.  I decided to be open to dating, not having a relationship, with a younger man.  Why the hell not … I was in my “exploratory” period.  Trying to find who I was and what I really wanted.

So for the sake of research (of course) I was gonna do this.  I mean I had an endless supply of younger suitors who were crazy about me.  What’s nice about men in their early 20’s is that they still have stars in their eyes.  They see everything with such intensity and energy … and they have an endless supply of stamina (ok my mind just wandered off for a minute, I’m back).  Everything is “wow” and I was one of those “wow” things.  Yay!  How nice is that! These guys worship you and the ground you walk on.  They would do anything for you.  The more time and attention you give them, the more they adore you.  Ahhh … such a breath of fresh air after mr. no pulse husband!  Of course, just as fast as the fire flashes, it dies.  But you take these experiences as they are … never expect anything more than what they are.

So next on my list is Mr. G.  This guy was one of the loyal subjects of my royal puma-hood.  I was on a business trip with some colleagues.  Part of my daily routine was all day meetings.  Then I would have dinner and go to the gym.  Every day I would see one cute young guy there working out.  He was pretty hot, nice body and killer smile.  But I thought, oh what’s the point, he’s a baby and I live in another city.  So I just went about my business.  Little did I know that he noticed me too … so he took it upon himself to approach me to tell me how hot I was and what a killer smile I had.  So we chatted about working out, about where I was from and what he did (he lived in his mom’s basement) LOL … ok, but he was moving out soon, ok.  Anyway, he wanted to know if I was coming back the next day, I said sure why not.  So the next day I went back and we chatted some more.  We ended up eating dinner together the day after that … he was hilarious … everything was soooo intense … he was so enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.  Ahhh  remember I was like that once.  Seriously, it was a breath of fresh air.  The day came for me to leave.  I was with my co-workers sitting near the reception desk of the hotel and he comes running up.  He came just to see me.  He was like “wait a minute, before you leave, can I have your number so we can keep in touch?”. LOL! Remember, this was in front of my co-workers.  Needless to say they quite enjoyed witnessing that!  I still get teased about it! Well what ended up happening with the boy?  Well he moved to my town and we have kept in touch, but haven’t met up yet for another “date”.

I have had other younger men experiences, but none that I’ve really entertained.  I think I will keep it at that … smile and appreciate the younger species of male, but keep my interests to men within a +/- 5 year radius of me.  Although … sometimes I am intrigued … mmm stamina …. but that’s another story!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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