Ask Single Dating Diva: Should I Date A Younger Man?

This is definitely a question that gets put out there a lot.  Some people like to date others their own age, some don’t, while others don’t really care about age altogether.  So which one are you?  Do you have age limits?  Personally, I used to want someone around my own age, but as I’ve progressed in my dating life, I’ve changed that.  I’ll tell you why in my answer.

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Dear Single Dating Diva,

I have a dilemma.  I met a guy who’s younger than me.  I usually like to date guys who are around the same age as me or older.  I feel like I would have nothing in common with this younger man.  He’s quite attractive and seems really into me.  I enjoy speaking with him. Should I give him a chance?  


Not Quite a Cougar

Should I Date A Younger Man?

Dear Not Quite a Cougar,

Thanks for your question, it’s a good one and one that I have given much thought myself.  As you know I’ve had my fair share of dating misadventures with both young and old men.  I did write about one such adventure in my post Exploring Puma-hood. Back then, I found younger men intriguing and entertaining, but not relationship material.  Now I’m singing a different tune.  What changed?  Well, as I started dating more and more people my age I realized that age wasn’t a factor at all, maturity and intellect was.  Let me explain.  Some guys I met who were around the same age as me were quite immature, I like to call them “Peter Pans“.

Ask-Single-Dating-DivaThey may be in their 30’s but they act like they’re in their early 20’s.  They just haven’t grown up.  On the other hand, I’ve met guys in their late 20’s who were very mature and have a better head on their shoulders.  So, there you go, age really doesn’t matter.  What does matter?  It matters that you are on the same page, on the same life path, you get along, you enjoy each other’s company, you make each other happy.  I just heard about a couple where the woman was 12 years older than the man.  They are extremely happy and don’t even feel their age difference. So there! And NO you’re not quite a cougar, maybe a puma in training 😉 … now go out there and have fun and don’t even ask about age!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Absolutely true about age not being an issue. My ex boyfriend was younger than I, and we got along great for 5 years. Our break up had nothing to do with immaturity on his part (probably more like immaturity on my part!) We are great friends still to this day, and as I date men older than myself, I still believe my ex, regardless of his age is one of the most mature and stable men I’ve ever met!

    Good luck! 🙂


  2. Totally agree once again, Diva. Age is just a number and there are plenty of examples {men and women} where maturity has nothing to do with age, experience, or wisdom. I had some of my best dates with men who were 10 years younger than me and who’s lives were more stable than the men who were closer to my own age. Great advice!


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