The Impotent Casanova

Casanova.  Lover, Rebel, Legend.  His conquests were many and varied … he claims he seduced over 200 women from all walks of life.  He definitely left a legacy and many have tried (and most have failed) to follow in his esteemed footsteps.  If I lived in the time of Casanova, I would definitely have been one of the women seeking his attentions.  That’s how I roll … I have a tendancy to gravitate towards those men who love women.  But they’re the ones who entice me the most … the ones who know how to please a woman.  Experience speaks volumes!  I know, not really relationship material, but hey why not have fun in the process??  Sigh, Casanova … OK, so what’s an “Impotent Casanova”?  Well you all know what impotent means.  An impotent casanova is one who is all talk and no action.  They act the role of Casanova but when it comes down to it, they can’t put out.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, just in general … the guys who over build themselves and turn out to be losers.  How dare they falsely impersonate the greats who preceded them!

Mr. K was one such person.  He was the best of the best at charming the pants off of me.  We met online, his online profile was simple, he didn’t say much, but his pictures were hot, nice body, good looking guy.  He was so sweet and full of compliments (ok, you probably have realized by now that I’m a sucker for compliments).  We chatted for hours every day for weeks … we really got along.  He even had just installed a hot tub in his backyard.  Then I suggested we meet for a coffee or drinks.  He said ya sure, but kept putting it off.  Every conversation with him was more intense than the last.  We talked about everything from work, to life, to relationships … conversation was easy with him.  So one day I confronted him.  I asked him if he really thought I was so great then why is he avoiding meeting me.  He logged off and didn’t come back.  I was like … ok … another one bites the dust!  Then I get an email from him explaining he was unhappily married and hated his wife because he felt he was pressured into getting married.  That he didn’t love her but felt he had to stay married to her.  But, now here’s the clincher, he loved me and thought I was his soul mate.  I was his love, his sweetheart, the moon, the stars … blah blah blah … I told him where he could stuff that moon and ended our conversations.  He still contacts me every now and then but married men is NOT how I roll.

Then I met Mr. I … wow … another hottie.  Yes, I was on a hottie roll.  It doesn’t happen often so I was going to take advantage of it.  He was nice and he did keep the compliments coming which was nice of course.  Something you need to know about the Casanovas is that they are great at sweet talking.  Their tongues are like honey.  That was this guy.  Every word that came out of his mouth was so kind and sweet.  I hung on every word.  He could have said the house was on fire, but the way he said it made you want to sit and watch it burn.  Good thing I am well grounded or else I would have been led like the followers of the pied piper to wherever he wanted.  Been there, done that … but not this time!  We chatted for a while and then realized we wanted to meet.  So we met and there was instant chemistry.  We went out for coffee and chatted for hours about all the taboo topics of religion and relationships. Then I find out, he has been married and divorced 3 times! And has kids from each wife.  I was floored! What the hell! Was he expecting me to be the 4th?? He offered me the world, but had nothing it turns out AND had child and spousal support to pay and he lived in a dingy apartment and drove a shitty old car.  Hmm … NEXT!!!

I meet a lot of these Impotent Casanovas … too bad they aren’t real Casanovas, that would have been interesting and exciting!  Sigh, Casanova … can we channel him somehow?

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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