The Crazies

So what’s the definition of crazy?  I think it means different things to different people.  To me it’s someone who is unpredictable and turns at the drop of a hat.  They are sweet one moment and all of a sudden flip and become a completely different person, usually when they don’t get what they want.  They like that you’re smart, independent, attractive and outgoing … but really deep inside they want to suppress all these things and lock them up for their use only.  I have met several of these types of guys, our conversations start out very positively but then they turn aggressive, get into your personal space and when you reject them, they turn into the incredible hulk.  That’s my cue to get outta dodge and fast!  Sigmund Freud did say “one is very crazy when in love”, maybe he was right. Here are some of the most notables … all of these I met online.

Starting off with Mr. J.  We started chatting, it seemed we had a lot in common.  He seemed to think it was so cool that we were both divorced and had the same type of background and goals in life.  He also found it destiny that we were both Leos.  Ok, sure.  He wasn’t the most attractive of men, but he seemed nice.  There was just one thing, I really wasn’t ready to enter into anything with anyone at that time, just wanted a casual dating experience.  I mentioned that to him … and it’s stated clearly in my ad … he said ya he was ok with that.  We chatted a lot over the next few weeks and decided to meet for coffee one day.  He was really nice, we had really good conversation, it got to the point where we spoke every day.  I think that is where I went wrong, I shouldn’t have assumed he wanted a casual relationship because when we met, he decided that we were a couple, that we were perfect for each other and no one else could satisfy our needs like we could for each other … where the hell was he getting this?  He became very intense, in a creepy way, and that was my queue to leave and never turn back.  People were looking at us.  So I made an excuse and left, he went after me telling me to please not leave and he was falling in love with me and we were perfect for each other, why couldn’t I see that … blah blah blah … I couldn’t get into my car fast enough!  The coming weeks he tried to contact me and I was distant and then he blocked me because he couldn’t see me if he couldn’t have me.  Sad? Crazy? Weird? You decide.  Probably someone who was grasping at straws.  Note to self … don’t get too familiar to fast.

The infamous Mr. K is certainly a story to tell, but definitely falls into the crazy category.  So we chatted, I liked his picture, he seemed normal (I am quickly altering my definition of normal after all this).  I was extremely bored so I agreed to go meet him at this local juice bar.  Like I said, he seemed normal, I made sure to tell him I could only stay a couple of hours because I had friends coming over.  He was cool with that, he just wanted to chat for a bit and meet.  So I get there and this guy comes up to me and asked if it was me.  I’m like ya, but he didn’t look like his picture.  I asked if it was him, he’s like ya.  I mean the picture looked like a younger albeit different version of him, so I thought he just put an old picture.  We sat and talked and had our juice.  It was going great.  We talked about politics, we talked about history and he was telling me about his personal experiences travelling to historical places.  I was really impressed by his knowledge.  This was good, I was glad I went.  Then Jekyll appeared.  He pulled his chair closer, looked at me with his eyes wide open and bulging and said “you know you are so beautiful” … I said “thank you” … he said “let’s talk about you” … I said “I much prefer to talk about other things” … He said slowly and methodically “you know I like sitting with a woman under candlelight and reciting poetry” … I said “that’s nice, I don’t like poetry” … and his eyes bulged further.  I was getting creeped out to the MAX.  That was my queue to get the hell out of there!  I just looked at the time and said … “oh look at that I have to go, sorry” … he asked me to wait for him because he had to go to the washroom, I said no really I had to go.  I left.  He sends message after message and I ignored it.  I finally answered that I wasn’t interested.  He wanted to know why, I said I didn’t feel comfortable with him and he didn’t put his real picture and I found that deceptive.  He said it was his cousin’s picture, I asked if his cousin knew his picture was up and he said “nope”… ya creepy, deceptive and aggressive … he started getting angry at me telling me I will never find anyone like him that no one else would want me … ya, right … NEXT!!!

Finally, Mr. L.  This guy sent me a message asking my why I was so beautiful. I didn’t respond (never respond to those, or the marriage proposals, yes I get marriage proposals online).  He then sent me another message talking about some of my interests and how he had the same ones. So I decided to message him back, even though his pictures looked like he was an Eminem wannabe.  He was a few years younger too.  I thought, what harm was it to chat?  So we chatted and it went well.  Not earth shattering, but well.  He asked me out on a date, I said no.  So he saw this as me playing hard to get, but he let it go.  We continued talking and he started asking some really personal questions so I told him I don’t discuss these things with random people online.  He felt he wasn’t random but special (ya, right).  So he asked me out again, I said no.  Then he got more aggressive with his questions and I kept not answering his questions.  He decided it was his cue to be abusive and called me some unmentionable names referring to my age and being shrivelled up and no one wants me and who did I think I was and that he was better than me … blah blah blah … I was floored!  After I picked up my jaw from the floor I told him he needed to grow up and shame on him.  Then I abruptly blocked him from everything.  I have to admit I was a little shaken up after that.  So I decided it was time to hide my online profile again.

As you see … there are many mentally unstable individuals out there and you have to be extremely careful when online dating.  Make sure you always chat a few times before you meet (no matter how bored you are!).  Make sure you meet in large crowded public places the first couple times. Always ensure your safety above all else … take it from me, no date is worth compromising your personal well-being.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Like the ones that pretend that they have “brain cancer” but once you ask too many questions in regards to the treatments, they say: “Forget it! You don’t get it! I never thought you would react that way and inquire so much about my disease!”

    I gave him the definition of what is a disease! Lol!


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