It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane …

It’s Superman! No, it’s just Mr. M.  You know the type, the hero (again), who is out to save you and the rest of the world.  Well this one prides himself on being the one who stops to help someone stranded on the side of the road, he makes charity baskets for the poor, he holds the door open for ladies, he likes to be the one who saves the day.  He once did help an elderly couple with a flat tire and the lady called him “superman” … so he took it seriously.  Got a superman tattoo on his chest (yes, on the front of his chest).  He was going all out on this superman kick.  I was almost waiting for him to show up to our first date with tights and a cape (he said they were in the dryer … was he serious? nah … was he? LOL)

So let me start at the beginning.  I had recently just “unhid” my online dating profile and he was one of the ones who responded immediately (I mean immediately).  So, he seemed pretty genuine, in addition to telling me how attractive I was, he actually read my profile and made reference to it in his message.  He wasn’t bad-looking either, kind of a stylish biker … so we ended up exchanging “BBM”‘s (for you non Blackberry users it’s Blackberry Messenger for chatting with other Blackberry users).  We chatted a lot that day, spoke on the phone the next day and made a date for the day after that.  Usually don’t click with someone that fast, but he seemed like a good guy who did good deeds (which he kept reminding me).

We went for a drink.  I had a glass of wine, he had a beer.  We chatted a lot … we talked about work stuff, about life (of course the hero wanted to solve my problems), we talked about our volunteer work and our failed marriages.  It went very smoothly.  When the night was over he gave me a very gentlemanly hug and asked me to please message him when I got home so he knew that I got home safely.  I was shocked, how sweet.  Anyway, I got home safely and messaged him.  He thanked me for a great night and asked me if I thought there was potential.  I told him I did have a good time and enjoyed spending time with him but saw a challenge in the fact that he was looking for a long-term relationship and I wasn’t ready for that yet.  Anyway, the next day I had a horrible headache and just sent him a message asking if “superman” could make my headache go away, superman was so sweet and offered to bring me dinner so I didn’t have to cook and if I needed to go see the doctor he would take me.  I thanked him but just went home and rested.

The next day, I went for a walk with a fellow co-worker and online dater.  I told her about him and she asked what his online name was and I told her.  He had sent her a message too.  Ok, whatever, that’s ok.  They didn’t date, she wasn’t interested. So she thought it was funny, a small world and went and sent him a message telling him that her and I were talking and realized that we talked to the same guy.  He replied asking if it was me and she said yes.  The next day he removed me from BBM (without any goodbye) and then proceeded to ask her out on a date.  Hmmm … what was he trying to prove? Loser!

Anyway, I just realized even the nice ones have something to hide.  Seriously, the players and bad guys are better sometimes because it’s all out there … you know what to expect! My mom always says “better to walk near rough waters than calm waters because you are more aware of the risks” … well I guess she’s right! Besides I like the bad boys better … but that’s another story!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Ok so clearly he saw that you didn’t want a commitment so he moved on. But w yer friend?!? Loser


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